In today’s age, people are very desperate to achieve perfection in their life, especially when it comes to their appearance. Mostly in the entertainment world, where the well-known models are very concerned about their physical advents, they find plastic surgeries as their best option. However, for Korean model Hang Miokou, who made plastic surgery as her obsession, got left with a wholly disfigured face in the overhaul. 

The Korean-native was once a highly commended face in the Korean entertainment industry with her modeling and singing attributes, but now due to her obsession with physical appearance, her face has been completely disfigured, and she is finding it hard to jot in the present world.

Here is a list of exciting wikis facts which covers about Hang Mioku's age, her addictions to plastic surgery, her pictures before and after the surgery, what is she up to as of today, 

1. Since Age 28, Plastic Surgery Became Addiction For Hang Mioku

Hang, who was born in 1963, underwent first plastic surgery when she was 28 years of age. Being fascinated by it, she then underwent plastic surgery several times on her face; she became obsessed with it. Her only obsession was to obtain smoother skin and look more beautiful than others.

But considering the high risk that aftermath may consequence, it had to be stopped anyhow. And it was her doctors, who finally objected her decision and refused to operate more plastic surgery on her, suggesting that if she got injected through silicone injects one more time, her face would become more subjugate. 

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However, a stubborn lady-like-Hang was not ready to listen to the doctors and thus started to try plastic surgery all by herself.

Initially, she began injecting the whole bottle of market silicone on her face. But as, silicone was very expensive, she had to put a forceful hold to her desire. The Korea-native, who had become very obsessed with plastic surgery, couldn't hold it for long though.

As after being unable to afford silicones, she was left with an only option; an option that disfigured her life completely, which was to inject cooking oil on her face. The insertions of cooking oil didn't support the plastic surgery process she wished for but instead made her cheeks and forehead swollen and scarred.

The result of desperations for plastic surgery finally ended up with Hang's damaged face, as of which, she looked so disfigured, and even her parents couldn't recognize her.

Mioku was then taken to the doctor, and it was confirmed that she had some psychological disorder which she couldn't control herself.

2. Is Hang Mioku Near-About-Death Or Alive; Where Is She Today?

When reports of her obsession went viral, she was supported financially to attempt reversal surgeries by her fan followings. 

According to wiki sources, her initial recovery surgery only managed to remove 60 grams of foreign substance from her face and 200 grams from her neck. Hopeful Hang then underwent numerous reversal surgeries to recover her original looks, despair that the damage had already been done.

After nearly a dozen reversal procedures, her face almost got recovered from swells, but much of her facial scarring became permanent and more prominent than before.

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As of today, Hang, age 55, is still alive but her life is as miserable as it can be, courtesy of her obsessions with procedures and surgeries. 

Currently, she works at a recycling clothing store.

3. Her Pictures Before & After Plastic Surgery Reveals Awful Change In Her Physical Appearance

The Korean Model was undoubtedly the best in her prime, and before the plastic surgery.

Drastic Change: Hang Mioku's photo collection; Top right (Before Plastic Surgery), Top Left (After Plastic Surgery), Bottom Left (Reversal Surgery), Bottom Right (After Reversal Surgery) (Photo:

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Looking at Hang's change of facial structures over the periods of her plastic surgeries, it inevitably reminds us that operations are not always beneficial.