Bonner Bolton is a bull rider and a fashion model, best known for triumphing the 2007 World Champion professional bull rider. He also made himself known by participating in the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars with his dance partner, Sharna Burgess.

Since being a dance partner with Sharna Burgess, the hot model has been rumored many a time to be dating his dance partner despite both of them not confirming it.

What is Bonner Bolton's dating status now? Let's find out the truth.

Bonner Bolton And Sharna Burgess Were Dance Partners

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess have been romantically linked with each other ever since they partnered for the Dancing with the Stars show in 2017. 

The rumors had taken a rise that he and Sharna were more than just a dancing pair. Their chemistry was undeniable, but the two always kept it professional, and Sharna even opened up about the reason why they weren’t dating to US Weekly in August 2017.

We met and had incredible chemistry and neither of us were against it. But I was the coach and he was the student. Our dynamic changed. I don’t know if I’d be able to be romantic on one side and then the boss on the other. It never got to be a romance.

So yeah, that was all that they got to.

Bolton Had Asked Normani Kordei For A Date 

Bonner Bolton's whirl of romance does not end with rumors with Sharna Burgess. While his rumors with Burgess still going on, Bolton asked the 'Fifth Harmony' singer, Normani Kordei out on a date while he was in the middle of a Facebook Live interview in May 2017.

At that time, the model had stopped by ET's Los Angeles studio for a Facebook Live interview ahead of his appearances at  Las Vegas' Helldorado Days Festival. And while discussing his dating life and his preferred lady for the date, he named Normani and expressed that he would love to go on a date with her.

You know what, I love that girl. She is just so beautiful inside and out, when she walks in the room, the whole room lights up. She is such a sweetheart and [was] an encouragement to me the whole time I was there. She's obviously the top performer that came on the show, who's out there killin' it in her real life every day. I respect her and admire her a whole lot, and I really am thankful she asked me to be a part of her number, that was super special.

In the end, Bolton asked Normani if she would go on a date with him. He asked, "Normani, will you go out on a date with me?"

I don't know, we'll see what she says. Hopefully she's watching. Normani, it would be an honor to go on a date with you ma'am.

To everyone's surprise, Normani accepted the proposal while chatting with ET a few days later at the social media launch party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wednesday. She said, "No, we haven't been on the date yet but when I'm in Texas, I think he's in Texas right now, I don't know. We'll have to link up."

Although both showed their willingness, the date never happened. Or maybe it’s just that we weren’t aware and they had a date in secret.

Since then, professional bull rider Bonner Bolton hasn’t been seen with anyone that could swirl dating rumors, which has some people wondering if he is a closeted gay and many doubting that he is secretly married. But he hasn’t bothered to address any rumors, and the women are definitely not ready to settle with the aforementioned rumors.

Bonner Bolton’s Bio Reveals His Passion For Bull Riding From Young Age

The Odessa native Bonner Bolton was born on June 1, 1987, to parents Toya and Sally Bolton. He learned to train horses on a ranch that his family has owned since 1903 and is located between Odessa and Gardendale. 

Bonner approached his father about riding a bull and joined the junior rodeo at the age of 10. He spent 14 years bull riding competing on the CBR tour from 2005 to 2013 and qualified for the CBR world championship finals five times before finally winning the World Championship in 2007.

It wasn’t long before Bonner competed on the PBR circuit in 2007 and competed in the Velocity Tour event at the Yakima Valley Sundome in 2015 when he won with a high 90.5 point ride. He reached into the top 35 of the PBR World Standing as he stood at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters).

And his bull riding career took a turn in 2015 when WME/IMG, now Endeavor, signed an agreement to acquire the Professional Bull Riders which led to photographer Cass Bird taking portraits of the bull riders at the world championship.

In May 2016, IMG Models took notice of Bonner and signed him to a global modeling contract. Since then, he has posed for Saks Fifth Avenue and has even gone shirtless for a Br4ss underwear campaign.