Very few things bring life into perspective as 'death' does. Simply talking about death brings out the fleeting yet urgent nature of life, and that is exactly the feeling that brought celebrated comic Tim Dillon out of the closet. 

Incidentally, it wasn't the death of a family member or a loved one that made him change his take on life, but rather a murder trial. Dillion was called upon as a juror on a murder trial back in 2010. After a week and a half of barraging through the prosecutor's statements on death and murder, the stand-up comedian walked out a different man. 

A Murder Trial Changed Dillon's Perspective On Life

In an interview with Moontower Comedy News, Dillon opened up about how a murder trial in 2010 pulled him out of his head-space and pushed him to frame his life in a different aspect. He even went as far as to compare the murder trial to a retreat.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a murder trial but it’s a lot of mortality. You know how some people go on like a retreat, to get themselves together? I had a murder trial on Long Island.

The prospect of death was realized anew for the celebrated podcast host. It was, then, that he realized his own mortality and how he might regret some of his actions.

Dillon Changed His Life In A Couple Of Months

The stage had been set, and in the two-three months following the murder trial, he cemented three aspects of his life. He quit drinking, started doing stand-up comedy, and came out as gay.

Dillon confessed to the outlet in the same interview with Moontower Comedy News that coming out of the closet after twenty-five years was very late by today's standards, which might, in fact, be the reason why he embraced such a drastic change in lifestyle in just a couple of months.

Dillon Implied He Has Never Been In Love

Fans have concerns that the stand-up comic might not be completely honest about his sexuality. Part of the reason for their concerns is that despite the running stereotype, Dillon is anything but a romantic. 

In conversation with Vulture, Tim Dillon implied that he had actually never been in love. Although he did not put it in those exact words, he boldly stated that if he did find love, he thought it would not be in the best interests of the person he found it with. 

I think if I found love it would harm the person I found it with. I don’t know if it would harm my comedy.

Later on, he explained that love is not a lasting feeling, and it would eventually fade away. He would rather have a "partner" with whom he could be himself without compromising his values. He claimed that he would rather be in a relationship with someone just like him.