One of the downsides of being a part of the entertainment industry is unnecessary rumors and questions regarding personal lives, sexual preferences, and even death hoaxes. The same happened to veteran actor and comedian Reginald VelJohnson. 

VelJohnson, who is widely known for his character Carl Winslow in Family Matters, has often been the talk of the town for his sexuality. People think he's gay, and they have reasons to believe it, too.

VelJohnson's TV Son Backed His Sexuality Secrecy

The quality of an actor is judged based on how well they portray a character, so much that viewers sometimes forget they are merely acting. The same is the case with VelJohnson. His character, Winslow, is loved by fans all across the globe. Even when an interview doesn't concern him in any way, people somehow find their ways to know more about the famous TV dad.

When VelJohnson's TV son, Darius McCrary, sat down with the Comedy Hype to discuss the series, he was asked whether VelJhonson's sexuality was ever brought to light during his time in Family Matters. Without a second thought, the actor said he never understood why people are bothered about someone's personal choice and sexuality.

Why is that even a question? I mean with any artist. What does their sexuality have to do with them entertaining you, them performing for you?

Darius McCary and Reginald Vejohnson
Darius McCary And Reginald VelJohnson (Source:

Not only that, but McCrary also shared how he's not a fan of media controlling the portrayal of a person and the viewpoint of the audience.

A Rumoured Relationship with James Avery

While VelJohnson was acing Winslow's role in Family Matters, another actor James Avery was winging it as Uncle Phil in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Along with being at the peak stages of their career, but they were also listed as the top three closeted black actors. Them making it to the latter list was mostly because they were rumored to be in a secret relationship.

Yes, you heard it right. Rumors regarding TV dads Winslow and Philip Banks dating were burning up back then. And, in 2014, when Uncle Phil crashed in the sets of Family Matters to surprise Winslow, it added more fuel to the fire.

Some believe it was an open secret while some debated their relationship, but both the actors never gave importance to any rumors and chose to stay mum.

The gossip eventually died down when Avery got married. Unfortunately, the talented actor passed away in 2014 due to complications from open-heart surgery.

VelJohnson Was a Part of a Death Hoax

What could be worst than people constantly questioning your sexuality? A death hoax! 

In February 2017, it was reported that VelJohnson passed away due to a heart attack. Apparently, he was traveling from London to Los Angeles when the paramedics removed him from the flight and immediately took him to the nearby hospital to treat the cardiac arrest.

All of it was proven to be just a hoax as the actor is alive and doing well. He recently spoke to TV One TV on the 30th anniversary of Family Matters to reveal how special the iconic series was.