Wynonna Earp is widely known for its science fiction, humor, and the queer themes it handles. As the show ends after 4 glorious seasons, Canadian actor, writer, producer, and director of the Syfy supernatural drama, Katherine Barrell talked about its lasting impressions it has made to advocate for the LGBTQ+ culture.

Barrell On Wynonna Earp’s Influence On LGBTQ+ Culture  

The cast and crew of Wynonna Earp bid farewell to the series with a panel with GLAAD to talk about the series and its impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

Barrell, who plays the role of Nicole Haught, believed in the “meant to be” quality of the show. She clarified it by emphasizing that the fan base and the way the show came together was destined to influence the LGBTQ+ culture. 

Comparing the past five years when the show started to now, the Canadian actress emphasized queer representation and the change it has seen. The actress strongly believed that the show changed the perspective on the LGBTQ+ community and analogized Wynonna Earp to lightning in the bottle. 

“I would bet anything that this show changed the landscape. It did, and there was something in the universe that shifted and was like, now we need this show. And it was like lightning in a bottle.”

In 2019, she publicly announced that she was bisexual. She stated she was attracted to both men and women and the person she fell in love with was a man, hinting towards her husband, Ray Galletti

Barrell is also widely known to be a strong advocate for the Canadian NGO Pink Box Program that works to inspire and empower young girls to become world changers.

The Finale Will Be An Satisfying Union

The show will probably end in an explosion of style. Barrell and co-star Melanie Scrofano have stated that the last episode is truly going to be a beautiful one and are proud of the way it has turned out. This finale is something everyone has been building up to and is bound to do some serious fan service. 

The wedding between Nicole and Waverly Earp is positively anticipated, which is probably an obvious assumption by now. 

That being said, a hopeful reunion between the separated Wynonna and Doc Holliday too is hoped for. We will just have to wait and see about that.

Barrell in Wynonna Earp 

The Canadian actress plays the role of Nicole Haught, the Sheriff of the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department, and a friend of the Black Badge Division. She is the ex-wife of Shae Pressman and engaged to a half-angel named Waverly Earp. 

Haught is a by-the-book sort of officer who is straight-laced, however, her sensitive side often comes out when she’s around Earp. And although she graduated at the top of her academy, all that training could not have prepared her to face demons and handle the Earp family drama.