Throughout his acting career, the renowned American actor, Terrence Connor Carson (T.C. Carson), has given his fans many topics to discuss–regarding his roles in movies and TV shows. However, as of now, his fans are busy debating about his personal life, mainly his sexuality. And, many fans even believe that deep down he is a closeted gay man.

But, how did the debates about Caron's sexual orientation first started? Well, the debates first started when Carson brilliantly portrayed the role of a gay character in 1998's movie 'Relax... It's Just S*x.' 

Carson’s Role In The Movie 'Relax... It's Just S*x'

The movie ‘Relax... It's Just S*x’—starring T.C. Carson, Mitchell Anderson, Seymour Cassel, and Jennifer Tilly—was about a group of mixed individuals—including lesbian, gay, and heterosexuals—who struggle a lot to accept each other’s lifestyles.

In the movie, T.C. Carson played the role of a gay character named Buzz Wagner, whose partner had died of AIDS. Wagner was a painter plus an HIV-negative survivor who believed HIV had nothing to do with AIDS and all of it was engineered by the drug companies. T.C. Carson’s portrayal was so fascinating that whenever he appeared, he would take over the screen without an effort.

The Debates Regarding T.C. Carson's Sexual Orientation

After giving such an amazing performance, portraying the role of a gay man in 'Relax... It's Just S*x', questions began spreading stating that if he is gay in real life too. Following that, Carson’s fans began to debate about the topic on different internet platforms, mainly in the threads of Lip Stick Alley.

In one such thread, on December 23, 2013, a female fan of the Living Single show stated that T.C. Carson had a boyfriend who was neighbors with one of her best friends. In the same thread, she also mentioned that Carson used to bring flowers for his boyfriend and he was the “man” in their relationship.

A female fan saying that TC Carson had a boyfriend

A female fan's comment (first paragraph) on Lip Stick Alley where she says that TC Carson had a boyfriend. (Source:

Furthermore, the topic got hyped again when he re-released his song entitled ‘Come Together’ on July 24, 2020, to show people from every community—White, Black, straight, gay, kids, and adults—to just come together and live happily.

That said, is the Living Single show’s star, T.C. Carson really a gay personality? Well, despite all the facts stated above, the American actor is yet to give any statement regarding his sexual orientation and if he is a gay person.

Is T.C. Carson Married?

The renowned American actor, T.C. Carson is very secretive when it comes to talking about his personal life. To date, he has managed to keep all the information regarding his romantic life up to himself only.

Moreover, till now, the only female that he shares pictures with are the actresses that he has worked on in movies and TV shows. Due to that, it is yet to be known that if he is married and has a wife, or is romantically linked with anyone.