How often does a celebrity garner scrutiny for their sexuality? Well, the answer is obviously numerous times. Recently, Freddie Jackson has been on the public radar for keeping his personal life and sexual preferences under the wraps.

With the issue often brought up, the American singer had an opportunity to respond to the queries and end all the broiling rumors in an interview.

Today, get a detailed elaboration on the interview and find the possible reasons why he may have been subjected to gay rumors.

Jackson Confronted Gay Rumors During 'Unsung' Interview

In 2012, the 'You Are My Lady' singer featured in one of the hour-long episodes of TV One's documentary series Unsung. The documentary trailer stated that Jackson would be talking openly about his sexuality in the video. 

Such a description made many fans think that he would finally come out of the closet and declare his sexuality. However, the expectation didn't match the content.

In the series, the Grammy-nominated musician simply dodged questions about his sexuality. He replied that he felt no need to answer the question and said:

I’ve never had to explain myself to my mother. God will judge us for who we all and what it is that we do.

By saying that he never had to explain himself to his mother, the 'Tasty Love' singer answered the fans' queries ambiguously. He neither declined nor affirmed the gay rumors, leaving fans to discuss the matter on their own.

The Ambiguous Interview Fueled Gay Rumors

While the singer's answer in the interview on Unsung gave no concrete conclusions, many claimed that the ambiguous answer affirmed the rumors.

On Yahoo's discussion page about his sexuality, one of his fans wrote, "Actually, he did answer without answering." Then the user went on to elaborate on the claim. He penned that a straight man would always deny being gay and leave no room for further rumors. But, the New York native's indecisive answer just did the opposite.

Another fan explained that Jackson didn't admit to being gay in public because he had many female fans. Nonetheless, the Yahoo user did mention the singer coming off a bit effeminate in the documentary. 

Though the interview made many of Jackson's fans believe he was gay, no conclusions could be pulled. It only provided fuel to the rumor and no concrete answers.

His Gay Rumors Could Be Due to Absence of Wife Figure

The scrutiny towards Jackson's sexuality could be because of the fact that he appears to be single. Despite his ascending age, he has never been publicly in a relationship with any woman.

He does have female friends and sings with female singers, but other than just friendship, there's nothing more.

So, the absence of a wife-figure and his lowkey personal life might be the reasons for him being entangled in gay rumors. But, until and unless the singer doesn't address the issue, no conclusions can be made.