The Bachelor star Colton Underwood came out as gay on April 14, 2021, during an interview on Good Morning America. In the deeply personal interview, the former football player turned reality star opened up about many things, including what led to him coming out about his sexuality.

Underwood said that the past year had him trying to figure himself out like many others. He also pointed out that many had confronted their fears and what they had been putting off before moving on to his confession.

[The past year] probably made a lot of people look themselves in the mirror and figure out who they are and what they’ve been running from or what they’ve been putting off in their lives. And for me, I have run myself for a long time, I’ve hated myself for a long time. And I am gay, and I came to terms with that earlier this year.

Underwood’s Inner Struggles

Aside from coming out, the former Bachelor also shared his inner struggles and his years of not accepting himself. Underwood shared that in the past, he would have rather died than admit he was gay. He also shared an incident where he was entertaining the idea of suicide and how it served as a wake-up call for him.

There was a moment in LA that I woke up and I didn’t think I would wake up. I didn’t have the intentions of waking up, and I did. And I think that was for me, my wake up call. Of like, this is your life, take back control.

Underwood revealed he has been the happiest and healthiest he has ever been after coming out. After coming to terms with his sexuality, he is free of suicidal thoughts that often plagued him in the past.

He apologized to the fans of The Bachelor, and the participating women for having misled them. He also thanked the women and the ABC dating show, saying he didn’t know if his coming out would have happened if not for them.

Underwood also touched about him being marketed as “The Virgin Bachelor” in the dating show’s 23rd season in 2019, saying it was overblown but not exploited.

Underwood And Cassie Randolph

After retiring from football in 2016, Underwood made his debut TV appearance in 2018 as a contestant in Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. He then joined Bachelor In Paradise during the show’s 5th season run before becoming The Bachelor in 2019.

In The Bachelor, Underwood chose contestant Cassie Randolph but didn’t propose to her. The two ended their relationship in 2020, with Randolph even filing a restraining order against him, saying he was stalking her. She later requested the police investigation be dropped.

During his coming out interview, Underwood explained he was truly in love with Randolph. He delved deeper into the matter, saying that his love for her only made things more complex and confusing for him.

The reality TV personality also added that he was sorry for involving the women in his search for himself and admitted that he should have been courageous to come out earlier.