Broadway actor-singer Ben Platt shared his coming-out story in his Netflix concert film Ben Platt: Live from Radio City Music Hall.

Though the actor was aware of his sexuality quite early in his life, he did not feel it was important news to be shared with everyone.


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While Platt’s family knew about it when he was in school, he only thought of sharing his sexual preference before releasing his debut album. 

Ben Platt Sings About His Sexuality 

The 27-year-old’s first solo album titled Sing Me Instead was out on March 29, 2019, and profoundly explores his romantic life. The studio album that has 12 songs in total depicts the trials of his relationships. 

The actor-singer, however, refuses to call it a “coming out” music album. At the same time, he sings about all the guys he had romanced, using male pronouns throughout.

Platt took help from his close friends for the video. While Nick Lieberman directed the song, Platt brought in actor Charlie Carver to play his love interest. He also expressed gratitude to get such a great chance to speak about his relationships and the guys he romanced through this album.

The Pitch Perfect actor was also candid about how he broke to news of his homosexuality to his parents on his Netflix concert film. 

How Platt Broke the News Of His Homosexuality to His Parents

The star was brought up in a musical, Jewish family by his admission. But his revelation was not a big deal for his parents. Platt was in the eighth grade when he shared the news with his parents on his Israel visit.


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Platt remembers a friend commenting during the tour about how lucky he was. The friend remarked Platt’s homosexuality gave him the chance to hang out with the girls, who even allowed him to stay in their rooms. 

The actor knew what his friend said wasn't meant to be derogatory and he realised his friend was right because all his close friends were girls. However, the chaperone overheard the friend's comments and thought Platt was being bullied by the other kids. The chaperone decided to call Platt's parents. 

Platt did not want his parents to get a shock, and so he called his parents in America from his hotel in Tel Aviv. While he knew the time zones were different, he needed to let them know of his identity.

However, his mother had expected what was to come and stunned him by asking whether it was about his sexuality. To cut it short, the news that Platt was gay did not come as a surprise to his parents. 

Platt has made appearances in several notable Broadway shows, including Dear Evan Hansen. He is also known for his work in The Politician, now streaming on Netflix.