Asia Kate Dillon’s activism is definitely above Hollywood fame and success. While having played roles in huge Hollywood movies and TV shows like John Wick: Parabellum (2019), Orange is the New Black (2013), and Billions (2016), Dillon has always used their platform to represent and advocate for marginalized groups both on and off-screen. 

Dillon’s role on Billions is the first-ever non-binary character shown on American television. Playing the character in that show even helped Asia realize their identity as a non-binary trans person.

Other than their on-screen efforts, Dillon is also not shy to spark a dialogue when it comes to gender identity. Dillon recently challenged the SAG Awards to re-consider their gender-based nominations, a challenge which they had also done in 2017 to Emmy Awards. As a transgender activist, Dillon has even dedicated their first EP ‘Handsomehands’ for the trans-community. Dillon's off-screen romance with their non-binary partner, Corinne Donly, further inspires people who share similar stories to theirs.

Does Asia Dillon Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Who Is The Non-binary Star’s Partner?

Dillon is currently dating a theater playwriter, Corinne Donly. Dillon's and Donly's relationship began on Dec 15, 2017, as this post would suggest. Like Dillon, Donly themself identifies as a non-binary person.

Dillon’s relationship with Donly is quite the affair. In an Instagram post dated 22 Aug 2019, Dillon gives a detailed account of their initial meeting with Donly and their falling back in love after years apart from each other.

As per Dillon’s post, they and Donly dated briefly in 2008 but stayed out of touch for several years after their breakdown. After several years apart, Donly contacted Dillon in 2017 to ask her to perform in a public reading of Donly’s yet unproduced play, Orchid Receipt Service

Having had a lingering romantic interest in Donly since they first were together, Dillon happily obliged their request to perform. Needless to say, their romantic fire was rekindled again after that. 

Orchid Receipt Service was Donly’s true ‘subconscious’ accounts. The play revolved around the relationship between two transmasculine people in their late twenties as they drifted away from each other and into a break-up.

Dillon Produced The Play Under Her Production House: Reveals “Boyfriend” On The Ellen Show

As per the same post, Dillon not only lent her voice to the script of the play but also produced it. 

When they first read the script of the play, Dillon said that it was the moment they knew that they wanted their production company Mirror/Fire Productions to produce it. As a marginalized person themself, Dillon founded the production company to align with their goals of producing work that uplifted other TGNC  (transgender and gender nonconforming community) and queer people. 

Coincidentally, Mirror/Fire Production was founded by Dillon with their previous partner, Christopher Hirsh.

Contrary to Donly, Hirsh is not a non-binary person. He is what Dillon terms, "a partner who identifies himself as a man". Dillon cleared any confusion regarding gender identification about them and their then ‘boyfriend’ on the Ellen show

In the show, Dillon not only revealed their then-boyfriend to the public but also gave them the full story on the intriguing use of pronunciations to refer to TGNC or queer persons as 'they' rather than he or she. 

At Age 36, Dillon Is Not Shy To Spark A Dialogue When It Comes To Gender Identity

In April of 2017, the 36-year old Dillon came under the spotlight when they sparked a serious conversation regarding Emmy award nominations

Their performance as a non-binary character, Taylor Mason, in the 2016 show Billions received wide acclaim for their performance. Their performance was so credible that they not only became one of the more prominent casts but also became cemented in history as the first non-binary gender actor on television. 

Coming back to their issue with Emmy Awards — when Dillon was put up for nomination for the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories, they challenged the Award Committee to do away with any gender-specific categories. 

With regard to that, Dillon put forth the argument that the word ‘actors’, was first invented in the late 1500s as a way to signify a profession without any gender connotations. As in, the word applied to all people, regardless of biological sex or gender identity. She later challenged the SAG Awards in 2020 with the same issue.

While their plea to SAG Awards may not have been heard, they did hope that the issue sparked a larger conversation within the entertainment industry, as other categories such as writing, directing, and even editing were not gender-specific.

Dillon Has Dedicated Their First EP ‘Handsomehands’ For The Trans-Community

In 2020, Dillon released an EP titled Handsomehands as an homage to the transgender community. The EP’s each and every song was inspired by Dillon’s relationship with their non-binary partner. 

As with their production company and everything else Dillon does, they wanted her EP to uplift the historically marginalized people. They also announced that the proceeds from the sale of their EP would go directly to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute — an organization that was actively supporting black transgender people around the world.