Hallmark Channel's star Tyler Hynes is making headlines with his striking looks and romantic leads on-screen. Ever since the Toronto, Ontario native became a face of the Hallmark movies, his fans have wanted to know about his personal life—if he is married, single, or dating?

Although we don't know for sure if he has a wife waiting for him at home after a long day in front of the camera, it is evident that he had been dating in 2018.

Tyler Hynes' Girlfriend Had Access to His Twitter Account

In an interview with Ruth from My Devotional Thoughts in 2018, Hynes talked about his time with the much adored Hallmark Channel network. He was relatively new to the network at the time, with two movies lined up for release within a month.

Ruth, who has a close personal relationship with many of the actors and creators involved with Hallmark, told the handsome hunk of the Hallmark fanbase's ins and outs while also accomodating Tyler's take on life at Hallmark. 

During the conversation, Ruth rightly suggested that Hynes get on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to maintain a close relationship with his fans. [Ed. Note: As the recent activity on his Twitter suggests, he took the advice.]

However, the Falling For You star disclosed during the conversation that he was not an avid user of social media, and he was not sure if he even logged into his Twitter account since he was on Saving Hope

In disclosing his online habits, Hynes briefly revealed that his girlfriend had access to his Twitter account. The actor then added that his girlfriend had just informed him about his increasing follower rate in his Twitter account.

Oh, yeah, my girlfriend opened up my Twitter the other day...She told me I had so many followers on this Twitter account. I don’t know if I had looked at it since I was on Saving Hope.

While the statement cleared that he was dating circa 2018, he didn't identify his partner or provide further details on his relationship.

Tyler Hynes Married His Girlfriend?

Tyler has been tight-lipped regarding his relationship. Though he has become active on his social media accounts such as Twitter, and Instagram, he has left no hints about his personal life. He only promotes his movies and TV shows.

Thus, it is impossible to conclude if he has a wife or a girlfriend or is relishing his singlehood for now. It is also not clear if he is still with his previously mentioned partner or has parted ways with her. 

Shares lovely Relationship with co-star, Erin Krakow 

Hynes has maintained privacy regarding his personal life, but it's not the same for his professional front. In fact, he is pretty vocal about his feelings for his co-star, Erin Krakow.

The duo performed as love interests in Hallmark's triangle love story, It Was Always You. He portrayed the role of David while Krakow portrayed a career-oriented lady, Elizabeth.

Whether on social media platforms or in interviews, both actors do not shy away from praising each other.

For instance, during ET Online's interview on February 24, 2021, Krakow revealed that she was so excited to work with Hynes that she actually requested him to join the movie. Reciprocating his adoration towards Krakow, Hynes then replied that he was thankful for her approach. He also praised the When Calls the Heart star as a talented actress and an incredible human being. 

Erin's an incredible human being and a very, very talented actor.