American Actor Tyler Hoechlin has landed many roles due to his excellent acting, and at the same time, has made many girlfriends due to his charming personality.

However, his multiple relationships with women couldn't save him from landing in a whirlpool of rumors of being gay after a sudden closeness with a fellow co-star in the TV series Teen Wolf.

Tyler Hoechlin Has Dated Several Hollywood Starlets

Over the past few years, Hoechlin has been romantically associated with many celebrities. His romantic history reportedly began in 2004 and has been dragged to date.


The Supergirl actor exclusively began dating Jessica Simpson’s younger sister, Ashlee Simpson. The two got involved while filming the American drama series 7th Heaven. The romance that began while onset ended onset, after a two-month fling.

2004 - 2005

Hoechlin reportedly began dating actress Candice Accola. Although both the parties have not been open about it, there have been indications that they were together till 2005.


The 33-year-old moved on from blondes and began dating another co-star of 7th Heaven, Mackenzie Rosman. The two were seen together taking a ride in the Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 27, 2005. This rumored relationship has neither been denied nor accepted by both.


Another of Hoechlin's relationships came to be from 2009 to 2012 with actress Rachele Brooke Smith. He has, however, not been so public about it.

2012 - 2015

He began dating Pitch Perfect’s star, Brittany Snow. Snow shared in an interview with E! News in April 2015 that she preferred to conceal her relationship. She reasoned it by saying that she felt ‘it loses its magic’ if talked too much about it. However, Tyler did not shy away from publicly posting about his girlfriend.


It is reported that Tyler was hooking up with American actress Jill Wagner, his co-actor from Teen Wolf, in March 2014, while he was still with Brittany Snow. But, the rumor was never addressed by either of them.


In December 2015, Tyler was sighted with German model Alena in Rome, kissing and holding hands, so it was bound to receive speculation of a romantic relationship from the public.


He then caught the attention for reportedly being in a relationship with Australian Model Monika Clarke in June 2017. Neither Tyler nor Monika have confirmed the rumor to date.

Tyler Hoechlin Gay Rumors Started From Teen Wolf

Despite being with many female celebrities in the past, Tyler has been rumored to be gay.

The Tyler Hoechlin wife experience is undoubtedly put on hold since we don't even know of his recent relationship or dating scene; much less about when and who he'll end up marrying. 

The rumor mostly started when his onscreen character began getting close to fellow co-star Dylan O’Brien's character in Teen Wolf. He portrayed the role of Derek Hale while Dylan portrayed Stiles Stilinski.

Though their character was never categorized as gay persona, the chemistry between them was interpreted as lovers by many fans. So much so, fans were quick to give their onscreen relationship a name; 'Sterek.'

However, the alleged gay rumors progressed to nowhere. Hence, the stories about Tyler being involved with Dylan in real life or being gay were only speculations.

Moreover, Tyler’s reluctance to suddenly go inside his shell and not share about his dating life must have been another reason for him to be under the speculation of being gay.

Though not being open about his relationship, Tyler is fully indulged in his work.

He featured his exceptional physic as Clark Kent in the series Superman & Lois, which premiered on February 23, 2021.