Tracy Grimshaw is a famous Australian journalist and television presenter known as the host of Nine Network's TV program A Current Affair. Some of her other best-known television programs are The Flying Doctors (1986) and Midday (1995).

And while her professional life and the fame around it is like an open book, the same cannot be told about her personal life. 

Grimshaw, age 60, has always been hiding her love life, making people even more curious to find out about it. The curiosity has also led many to start questioning her sexual preferences - speculating whether she is lesbian or gay.

But the speculations of her being lesbian might be wrong since it has been understood that she has had dated many men secretly.

In the interview with Stellar magazine in June 2018, she opened the secrets of her love life and stated that she had lots of long-term relationships. However, she did not reveal the identity of her long-term partners.

"I've had lots of long-term relationships, but I've never talked about any of them," Grimshaw said.

She further explained the reason why she does not talk about her relationships, stating, "I don't think I'll start (talking about her love life). If I do start I'll never stop."

Besides that, Grimshaw also shared her willingness to get married to a man if she finds the "right bloke."

She said, "Anything can happen and if the right bloke knocked on the door then it still might. You never know. You just never know how things might play out."

Interestingly, her relationship with the television chef Gordon Ramsay was known to many out of her many relationships. Sources reveal that Grimshaw and Gordon had a romantic relationship for 20 years.

But in 2009, their relationship ended when Gordon publicly described her as "a lesbian."

In front of several thousand audiences at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show, the chef passed various comments on the journalist's appearance and sexuality without any hesitation.

That is also one reason that gave rise to lesbian rumors considering that she did not have any past relationship controversy.

Later, Gordon’s publicist told the media that all the comments made by him were jokes, and he apologized to Grimshaw for his behavior, too.

The former co-host of Today again made news because of her relationship on mid-2017 when she shared that she had found a new companion in horse trainer Roger Fitzhardinge. A close friend of hers stated at the time:

He's really good company and they share a great love of horses

It's likely that Grimshaw is very fond of Fitzhardinge because she believes he is a lovely man, and they have become very close. But she also addressed very clearly that they both have a platonic relationship rather than a romantic one.

And while her personal life misses a partner or husband, Grimshaw does have a son named Chris Williams, whom she had adopted a long time ago.