Reality star Traci Braxton from the show Braxton Family Values has been struggling with diabetes for some time now. However, recently she decided to take charge of her life and change her lifestyle for good. 

With that sole focus in mind, the reality star managed to pave a stunning weight loss journey for herself.

How Did Traci Braxton Lose Weight?

The Braxton Family Values star has been through a rollercoaster ride when it comes to her weight. Now, she has finally worked her way to her ideal weight and can even be seen flaunting her new fit and fabulous physique on her social media handles. 

In 2018, Braxton opened up to OK! Magazine about how she managed to shed forty pounds of body weight by making conscious lifestyle choices. She further revealed that she lost the extra pounds by watching what she ate, drinking plenty of water, and, most importantly, taking care of herself.

The outlet reported that the reality star, on her way to her 50s, took out a ton of starch from her diet.

Atlanta Black Star magazine further reported on that matter and stated that Braxton's motivation to lose weight actually stemmed from her medical condition. She had diabetes and simply didn't want to rely on pills for her well being.

Well, her hard work has definitely paid off because she is now off the pills and manages her condition through her diet.

I was diagnosed diabetic and didn’t want to take any more pills, so I had to go on this healthy kick and now I control it through my diet. Because of that, I am no longer on the pills.

This Was Not Traci Braxton's First Attempt At Weight Loss

Long time fans of BFV know that this was not Traci Braxton's first attempt at getting back into shape. The 48-year-old grandmother previously had her way with weight loss in 2013, and the results were great. In a July 2013 exclusive by Essence, the outlet revealed that Braxton had lost thirty-five pounds.

By the end of the year in December, NewsOne reported that she had managed to shed 64-pounds, thanks to her strict diet and workout regimen. The outlet further disclosed that, at the time, she worked out three times a week. She was also very adamant that diet pills were not the way to go because those things could literally become a threat to her life.

The outlet Essence also brought it to attention that Braxton's sisters first confronted her about her weight, and understandably so, she was not very pleased with the intervention at the moment. However, she later understood where her sisters were coming from and that she was in denial. 

I really wanted to punch them in the face. But my sisters were exactly right. They saw me gaining weight… I developed diabetes, high blood pressure and I was in denial.

Braxton did lose track of her weight in the past, but now she is back on the saddle and enjoys flaunting her success to hundreds of thousands of fans on her Instagram

Check out her journey throughout the years!

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