Rapper Tory Lanez recently became the subject of trolls in social media because of his patchy bald spots and recurring hair situation. 

The Canadian Rapper was lately spotted playing basketball. However, what caught the undivided attention of netizens was his obvious patchy bald spots.

The social media users viciously trolled the rapper. One said: "Tory Lanez hair look like he been in the electric chair about to die and then the warden ran in and stopped it at the last minute," with hysterical laughter emoji.

What inspired such reactions from fans about the rapper's hair condition was that Lanez had talked in detail about his hairline procedure back in 2019. 

On a video uploaded on the YouTube channel HipHopDX on November 2, 2019, Lanez talked about being too young to lose hair.

In an interview with Big Boy TV, Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, had publicly spoken about his hair restoration efforts. In the video, Lanez talked about the hairline process and a hair specialist doctor. 

"They [his doctor] do stem cell research,” he explained to the hosts, “He specializes in Black and Latino hair." He further discussed that his receding edges were his main issue.

Evidently, the rapper was proud of his hairline restoration and went on to assure other men with the same issue that it's not the end of the world.  

I let y’all know that you can lose your hair, for males specifically that have hair problems. I also showed y’all that you can come back from it. 

However, judging by the rapper's latest look, the hairline restoration clearly didn't work in the long run. About two years after the process, his hair is a total mess again. 

People also started to joke about how Lanez's hair would look in the coming year. One Twitter user shared a photo of a bald guy and wrote: "Tory Lanez about to look like this by next year." 

Another user compared the star's hair with a ducking by writing, "Tory  Lanez's bald patch is giving me duck vibes."