Australian surfer, Tim Baker, was one of those people, who are not even touched by envy. For someone who is extremely successful in his own profession, it must be demotivating to be still recognized through his wife. But he never let those emotions come in between him and wife.

Australian journalist specialized in surf culture, Tim Baker, is the best-selling author of numerous books on surfing, including ‘Bustin Down The Door,’ ‘High Surf,’ and ‘Occy.’ Tim, who has contributed more than two decades of his age in writing novels, has received the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Culture Award not once but twice.

Byron Bay Surf Festival: Tim Baker talks about himself being a writer writing on surfing and Bryon Bay Surf Festival (published on 23 October 2012)

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Here is the interesting thing to notice, that Tim’s wife, before she met him, used to go out together with one of her girl-friends on ‘faux dates' because their other friends were slowly marrying off. 

Tim Baker's Bio (Age)

Although his exact age is still unknown to the fans, Tim Baker celebrates his birthday every year on 19 June. Tim grew up in Australia, loving the exquisite world of beach and surfing, something he later used for his vocation.

As a surf writer, Tim is able to bring the raw exhilaration of being on top of waves he used to feel since his young age to the pages of books.

Tim Baker's Earned His Net Worth Writing About Surfing

Tim is the best-selling author of various books on surfing, including “Bustin’ Down The Door,” (Harper Collins, 1996), "High Surf" (Harper Collins, 2007) and "Occy" (Random House, 2008). Tim is the former editor of Tracks and Surfing Life magazines, and former editorial director of Morrison Media Services. 

Tim has won the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Culture Award twice for his writings and also been nominated for the CUB Australian Sports Writing Awards.

With his best-selling novels and numerous jobs, Tim might have accumulated sufficient net worth which surely counts in millions. However, the exact amount in the net worth has not yet been disclosed.

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Tim Baker's Classic Proposal For The Wedding

Tim Baker is happily married to wife Georgie Gardner, an Australian journalist, and television personality. The couple had been dating four months when Tim proposed Georgie to marry him.

They were at the end of a long bushwalk during their holiday in Noosa when Tim leaned in and whispered, "Will you marry me?" The exact date of their wedding remains confined, but they tied the knot sometime after the engagement and then started a family together.

Tim & The Family: Tim Baker with his wife, Georgie Gardner, and their two children, Bronte, and Angus (Photo:

However, it is known that the pair shares two children together, one son and one daughter named Bronte Baker, 12 and Angus Baker, 10.

Tim Baker Knows How To Not Allow Adversity Affect His Family's Happiness

After their second child, the couple planned to have a third child, but their attempts to have a third child failed after Georgie miscarried. She said that she already had two miscarriages before. But the misfortune has not affected their family life; the couple is often seen in the public together with their children.

Not only that but his wife's popularity also must have vexed him, not so much because of jealousy but because it meant that he was recognized from her association more than from his own success. But Tim knows how to keep his demons at the corner, and not let them affect his family's happiness.

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As of now, the couple lives a flourishing family life with two growing children in Currumbin, Queensland. His wife even dropped her job to spend more time with the family.