Many viewers assume that the traits of the actors' roles are their real life-personality. So, it is common for celebrities to be perceived as their on-screen character. A similar scenario occurred for the American actor Shawn Wayans as well.

After Shawn portrayed Ray Wilkins's role, a character that looked like a closeted gay, in Scary Movie, he was thought to be gay in real life. On top of that, his lack of relationship details since his break-up with his baby mama in 2008 added fuel to rumors of his orientation.

Shawn Wayans's Character Ray Wilkins Shed Gay Vibes

Wayans played Ray Wilkins in the 2000's spoof film Scary Movie. Though his character wasn't specified as a gay person, many believed that he was a closeted man. 

In one instance, during a locker room scene, Ray chose to look gay. When changing his shirt, he asked his friend if the yellow vest he was wearing made him look gay. But, when his friend answered no, he twisted the bottom of his vest, inside and over, to highlight his chest and asked him if doing that did it.

In another scene, he asked his girlfriend Brenda to wear a man's clothing before getting physical.

As if that wasn’t indicative enough, Ray was also supportive of one of his male friends. He brought him flowers, ran his bathwater, and even slept by his friend's side during restless nights.

In a nutshell, the movie showcased Ray as a guy who insisted on being straight but acted like a gay person. And, due to such portrayal, many believed Wayans was also gay.

Shawn Has Three Kids With His Baby Mama, Ursula Alberto

One fact that dispels Wayans's gay rumors is his long-term relationship. He was with Ursula Alberto, a fitness guru. Though they never married, they remained together from 1999 to 2008.

From their relationship, they have three children.

The first kid from their relationship, Laila, was born in 1999. Then the second child, Ilia, in 2002, and finally, Marlon Wayans in 2004. The duo separated four years after the birth of their last child.


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Since the split from his baby mama, the Little Man actor hasn't been in a relationship publicly.

Shawn Wayans Is Not Gay, Claims Brother

Wayans's performance in the film, Scary Movie made people suggest that the actor was indeed gay.

But, it was not only him who was dragged in the swirl of rumors. His younger brother, an actor of the Scary Movie franchise, Marlon Wayans, was also speculated to be gay. The stories came after Marlon was spotted leaving a club with a transgender person in 2010.

Marlon addressed the query of his and his brother's orientation by taking it to his Twitter.

He denied the rumors and insisted that he and his brother were straight.

Moreover, the actor revealed his relationship status and dispelled the gay rumors in 2015 once again.

During an interview with the RJs Fernando and Greg, the gay hosts of Radio 99.7, Shawn shared that he was dating a nurse.

When the hosts asked if he was the one who always had to pay on the dates, he revealed that his girlfriend treated him at times because she was doing alright in her career.

However, that was the furthest he talked about his relationship. But we can probably put the Shawn Wayans gay rumors to rest for now. Without concrete confirmation, mere speculations on someone's orientation is generally frowned upon. 

Where is Shawn Wayans Now?

As of August 2021, Wayans is out touring. He took to Instagram to announce his Shawn Wayans Comedy Tour dates and locations, back in January. 


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His last scheduled performance is on August 8, 2021, at the San Jose Improv, San Jose, California.

He announced his comedy tour after the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic were eased upon in the USA.

By his caption, it seems like the comedian was ready to get the tour ball rolling again. He urged fans to come out and get their laugh on.