In 2020, student debts have risen to $1.5 trillion. And it is one of the most important issues in the upcoming election for the young American voters. And one loving dad—Stephen Tobolowsky—would rather spend his hard earn money to get his son out of the debt trouble.

Who is Stephen Tobolowsky?

The Dallas, Texas native is one of the most frequently seen actors on our screens with appearances in over 200 movies and multiple television shows.

While he is also an author of My Adventures with God along with few others, it might come as a surprise that Tobolowsky graduated with a degree in Geology from Southern Methodist University. 

Stephen Tobolowsky Transitioned From a Geology Major to Silver Screen

Stephen Tobolowsky, born in Dallas, Texas, graduated with a major in Geology from Southern Methodist University. The same university that helped him get a degree is also where he met Beth Henly (his partner until 1988) and Joan Potter (acting professor at SMU), who reshaped him into what he is today. He refers to them as his “greatest adversaries” and “greatest heroes” he ever had.

While he was earning his degree at SMU, Tobolowsky realized that his interest didn’t just lie in studying the Earth, but it expressed through acting as well. This led him to earn a Master’s degree in acting from the University of Illinois.

After finishing his studies there, Tobolowsky began his career on stage with professional performances. Then, in the late 70s, he started making appearances on films and television shows—the first one as Robert in Keep My Grave Open.

By the mid-80s, Tobolowsky was busy day-in and day-out with shoots. His appearance in Groundhog Day as Ned in 1993 established him as a promising actor, opening him into grander possibilities, some of which included MementoGarfield, Glee, Californication, Heroes, and Silicon Valley. 

Stephen Tobolowsky at 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on 12 January 2020. (Photo Source: Sports. Yahoo)

Tobolowsky’s Talent isn’t Limited to just Acting

Apart from his career as a versatile actor, Tobolowsky is also an author and director.

As an author, Tobolowsky had his first book of stories, ‘The Dangerous Animals Club,’ published in 2012 by Simon and Schuster. Five years later, in 2017, he published another one named ‘My Adventure with God.’ 

Besides writing books, his work as a writer and director can be seen in Two Idiots in Hollywood, a comedy film based on a stage play of the same name.

If you’re into podcasts, Tobolowsky has one too. He shares his stores via The Tobolowsky Files, a podcast that has garnered countless listeners.

How Much is Stephen Tobolowsky’s Net Worth?

Tobolowsky, known for his work as an actor, author, and director, has a net worth rounded up to $1.5 million, according to celebritynetworth. 

Even though he acquired a degree in geology, he built a career for himself as an actor. While new geologists earned an average salary of $83,000, Tobolowsky seems to be doing better with his entertainment industry career. 

Adding to it, Tobolowsky also makes appearances as a guest speaker at corporate events, fundraisers, and social media campaigns with a certain charge, which eventually adds to his net worth.

He Hoped To Make His Son Debt-Free

Talking to TPR in 2017, Tobolowsky shared that he was grateful to get roles in One Day At A Time and Silicon Valley right after his youngest son got accepted at the Jon Hopkins University. He was hopeful of paying all of his son thousand of dollars worth of debt when he leaves the university. 

...And it was the same time that my youngest son William got accepted into Johns Hopkins Medical School...What I get in the mail, “Welcome to Johns Hopkins,” was loan packages! Nothing about the school!  You have four different loan options to get you through this period of your life. We are hoping to get you out of this with less than $90,000 of debt. Yes. If we can get your son graduated with $90,000 of debt or less, we have achieved our goal. And I went, “Oh my God!” $90,000 in debt? And just at that time, I got “Silicon Valley,” and just at that time I got “One Day at a Time...Thank God I'm going to be able to pay off his debt as he accrues it. And maybe we will be able to give our son the ability to leave Johns Hopkins debt-free. So it goes on. I'm 66 years old and the only thing I still worry about is that my kids are happy!

Tobolowsky is married to Ann Hearn and shares two children with her.