At first glance, the TV show Sport Fishing With Dan Hernandez is just another slot on TV that talks about fishing, but once you take a closer look, it is so much more than that.

Dan Hernandez, the showrunner and host of this TV show, is a veteran outdoorsman himself and, with the help of his show, has worked to build a foundation that dedicates itself to creating new anglers who respect nature.


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Hernandez began Outdoor Writing with Sports Afield

California born and raised, Hernandez began his outdoor writing journey as a field photographer and writer with Sports Afield magazine. After his stint at Sports Afield, he moved on to become a staff writer with Western Outdoor News.

Later, he went on to work for quite a few outdoor publications like Pacific Fisherman and Sport Fishing, and for a good reason—he turned out to be one of the reigning experts and the most sought after speakers on various species of fish caught in California and the Pacific West Coast. 


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The Next Step for Dan Henderson: Screens  

His first television show was Fish-On! which he joined as a host. The show was focused on cable fishing in the seawaters of California. After running the show for three years, Hernandez produced his own television fishing program, Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez in 1989.

That was more than thirty years ago. Today, Sport Fishing With Dan Hernandez is the longest-running television fishing program ever.

'Sports Fishing With Dan Hernandez' is One of its Kind Fishing Show

Sports Fishing WIth Dan Hernandez is an unique fishing show d because it is the first fishing program ever to teach its viewers how to cook their catch.

Although the show made history with its runtime and unique content, the show-makers pride lies with the fact that they have been the catalyst in introducing hundreds of thousands of new anglers to the sport that they loved so much—Sport Fishing.


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Hernandez, who also hosts the show, comes on television every week to teach newbies the ins-and-outs of fishing while helping seasoned anglers hone their skills to become even better.

Hernandez’s Foundation makes Fishing more Accessible

Hernandez is very diligent, and he believes in growth; that’s why he dedicated himself to the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation(DHYF).

He found the non-profit Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation in the year 2000 to bring fishing and an outdoor lifestyle to kids and build a community of fishermen. With various programs offered via their website, the foundation is focused on making fishing more accessible to everyone.

Take, for example, the Meet Me At The Lake program. This program is a half-day event that is akin to a youth festival where everyone can participate. The event is held at various local cities and is built around teaching urban kids the fishing’s joys. Catfish or trout are purchased and pre-stocked by the foundation in the park waters a day in advance of each event to ensure the kids get motivated by the higher chances of catching a fish.

The program prides itself on providing an exposure that the kids would not have had otherwise. The foundation also teaches kids about their local ecosystem and how they can contribute to their local environment’s betterment.

Meet Me At The Lake is one of many programs offered by the DHYF. Built on Sport Fishing With Dan Hernandez’s foundationsHernandez has sparked a fishing revolution of sorts in the urban youth.