In a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Soulja Boy revealed that he was the first rapper ever to hold an iPhone during a shoot in 2007. 

In the podcast, the rapper recalled shooting for his iconic song 'Crank That.' Supposedly, he was in a swimming pool teaching people the dance moves to his song when Steve Jobs and the Apple team walked onto the set with the first iPhone

The First Rapper with an iPhone

Soulja Boy claimed that Jobs and the Apple team handed him the original iPhone. Although he did not specify if this event preceded the historic iPhone reveal, he said he was the first rapper ever to hold an iPhone. 

He was also the first one to break an iPhone. 

Immediately after the Apple team handed the 'Pretty Boy Swag' rapper the iPhone, the phone slipped off his hands and struck the floor. 

Apparently, the first iPhone did not have much of a drop-resistant build because, according to the songster, the phone instantly broke down to pieces. 

Everyone was looking at me crazy...

Understandably, the entire team was taken aback for a moment. Still, they managed to set the hip hop mogul with another unit, which he allegedly carried for three, maybe four months before the Apple device started to show up in other people's hands. 

Fans Took Him at His Word

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast's official Instagram channel also put up a clip of Big Draco making the aforementioned claims. 

Even though he did not present a single piece of evidence to corroborate his claims, most fans who took to the comments section opted to take the rapper at his word. However, there were still some who were skeptical. 

"I believe big Draco, he was huge with 'crank that' in 07," said one user. There seems to be quite the wind in his sails as the 'Crank That' video boasts a massive 487 million-plus views on YouTube as of this writing. 

While a more skeptical user noted, "At this point idk if he lying or not he been right bout everything else and got receipt for [expletive] nobody would think to have."

The First Rapper to...

Apart from being the first hip-hop artist to own arguably the most revolutionary piece of mobile technology of the modern era, Soulja Boy also claimed to be the first rapper to be on Twitch. He said that his channel used to be called Justin TV back in the day. 

He allegedly was the first rapper to have a video game crew. 

"I had SODMG Gamers before Eastboy was a thing," he said." Eastboy came out in 2010,... I had SODMG Games since 2004."

But wait, there's more! 

In a tweet posted on July 4, 2021, Big Draco confessed that he was the first rapper ever to have blonde hair and Nike Air MAGs.

And while it is ludicrous to corroborate every claim that the rapper has made as of late, it is very much likely that he has done most, if not all, of the things he has been mentioning. 

Soulja Boy was amongst Forbes' list of the 2010 Hip-Hop Cash Kings and ranked a respectable 18th position on the chart.