Best known as the face of Fenty, Slick Woods has made a mark in the glamour world with her bold personality and fashion choices.

The model defies beauty standards set by the fashion industry and carries her gap-toothed and shaved hair look with confidence.

Born Simone Thompson, Woods’ road to success hasn’t been easy. Watching her own the runway, it’s hard to believe that a model on billboards across the globe was once homeless and had lived in motels and cars.

From the Streets to the Runway

Woods’ journey to fame kick-started when English model Ash Stymest discovered her in 2015. When they first met, the Fenty model was 19 and on a self-destructive path filled with drug-abuse. She was homeless, jobless, and had no purpose in life.

In her interview with The Guardian on April 29, 2018, Woods talked elaborately about her encounter with Stymest. She recalled that the English model approached her while she was waiting for a bus.

He asked her if she had modeled before, to which she replied no. The two spent the entire day together, getting to know each other.

Following their encounter, Stymest introduced Woods to his agent, who got the Minneapolis native her first runway debut in Kanye West’s fall 2016 Yeezy show.

After that, she hasn’t had a breather. From modeling for big names like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, to working on campaigns with global brands like Mercedes Benz, Woods has done it all.

Most significantly, she is now known as the face of Fenty Beauty and Fenty Puma—handpicked by Rihanna herself!

Motherhood and Modeling

In her interview with The Guardian, Woods confessed to never having a childhood as her mother was sent to prison when she was just six years old.

The model had to live with her grandmother most of the time and would bounce between Los Angeles and Minneapolis, sleeping in apartments, motels, and sometimes even cars.

Fast forward to today, the model is a mother of a beautiful baby boy, Sapphire. Talking about her pregnancy with Teen Vogue, the model revealed that it wasn’t planned, but she looked forward to experiencing motherhood. 

The fearless model even walked the runaway of a Fenty show during her pregnancy—in fact, during her labor. She posted a picture of the show with a caption that confirmed she was in labor during the show. 


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Woods, whose net worth is increasing by the day, would rather have more money in the bank than Instagram followers. Nonetheless, the model shares countless pictures of her son on the platform.

On September 14, 2020, the model shared a lovely photo of the father-son duo on the little one’s birthday.

I love you more than life itself. I can’t go a day w/o breathing in front of me. 


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