Sheila Vand, who rose to fame after appearing in an Iranian feature film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, considers herself the ‘black sheep’ of her family because she chose to act instead of following a more conventional career path like her parents and sibling. 

Her Parents Have Academic-Oriented Careers

Vand’s father and brother are both computer engineers, whereas her mother is an accountant. Being an actor in a mathematically oriented family, she feels like the black sheep of the family.

Admittedly she still does not entirely understand what her brother and father do for a living because computers were never her thing.

Even though she was good at mathematics herself and could have followed the path her family did, the Iranian-American found her calling in acting. 

Despite choosing a different career than the rest of her family, she admitted her parents supported her decision to pursue acting. 

How It All Began for Her

When she was younger, Vand tried a bunch of hobbies. However, she always ended up quitting after a while. Yet, in middle school and high school, she tried theater, and over the years, kept getting more serious about it. So much so that she majored in theater in college.

Fortunately for her, she got her first acting job straight out of college, so she considers herself lucky about that. She guest-starred on an NBC show called Life. She admitted to learning a lot during the show. 

By then, she had realized that she was meant to be an actor and has been working on achieving her dreams ever since.

Vand’s Dating Life Is A Mystery

Vand’s dating life is of a mystery to her fans. In 2014, she had proudly admitted in an interview that her boyfriend worked in the music industry. And because of that, she knew more about the music industry than she did about her own. 

However, she was cautious not to mention who the lucky man was. But that was then, and it is unclear if she is dating anybody at the moment.

Real-life boyfriend aside, her Instagram is filled with pictures of her co-stars. Although she posts nothing about ever having a boyfriend, she has posted about being grateful for her on-screen husband from We The Animals.

Some of Her Best Projects

Vand is best known for her roles in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Argo, We the Animals, and Snowpiercer. 

However, she has played a range of characters in other films and movies, including The Fall of the House of Usher, The Rental, The Wave, Land of Dreams, Undone, White Echo, Prospect, Holidays, Camino, BoJack Horseman, Quarantine, Prom Queen, and numerous others.