Sebastian Stan is best known for playing the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But fans have pushed for him to be cast as Luke Skywalker for years.

What initially started as a side-by-side photo comparison of Stan and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker has since spawned tons of conversation about Stan portraying the iconic Star Wars character. Stan himself has expressed his interest in the role, and Mark Hamill has acknowledged the resemblance the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor bears with him.

Regardless of how much traction the discussion has picked up, the matter remains undecided, especially because it’s mainly the fans who have been asking for it.

Stan Looks Like Young Mark Hamill

Fans have asked Stan to be cast as Luke Skywalker for years now. It started after morphy_me posted a picture of Stan’s face on Hamill’s headshot from a Star Wars movie.

The resemblance was too good for people to not talk about it. Soon, the image went viral and many Star Wars fans began pushing for Stan to fill in the role of the young Jedi.

Hamill too has expressed that Stan is a superb choice for an actor to play Luke. During a 2017 appearance Hamill made in Good Morning America, the original Star Wars actor commented on the comparison between him and Stan.

At first I said, “He’s way too handsome to be compared to me.” And then they morphed us together, and I thought, “Oh, that is kinda spooky.” But he’s a wonderful actor… And I would love to work with him. Heck, I would play his father any day.

Hamill also made a fun tweet about it prior to his appearance on Good Morning America, where he made a ‘I am your father’ joke.

Will Stan Be Cast As Luke Skywalker?

A young Luke Skywalker appeared in the finale of The Mandalorian season 2. What made the scene even special was the fact that Hamill was heavily involved in it. The show used de-aging special effects and body double to bring back the young jedi.

While many fans loved the scene, there were also some who thought that the de-aged Hamill looked uncanny. VFX artists from Corridor Crew even recreated the scene with different techniques and technology after pointing out the flaws in the original series.

But pushing the debate of the quality of the scene aside, there is a good possibility of Stan being cast as Luke Skywalker. First, it’s likely that the next season of The Mandalorian will see more of Luke as he took Grogu (Baby Yoda) under his wing. And given the painstaking effort it would take to continue with Hamill as Luke, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Stan fill in for the role.

Still, the push this casting campaign has received has mostly been from fans, and it’s possible for Lucasfilm to cast someone else for the role.