Gathering woods for fire, hunting wild game, and surviving out in the freezing cold might be a lifetime adventure for most of us. For subsistence hunter and outdoorsman Ricko DeWilde, it's part and parcel of daily life.  

Hailing from the hinterlands of Alaska, the Athabascan hunter DeWilde shares his Native American customs and techniques for survival in the remote Alaskan wilderness in the multi-Emmy winning National Geographic production Life Below Zero. With a rifle handy, viewers have been intrigued at seeing Ricko gracefully hunt wild animals out in the cold desolate expanse of wilderness. Accompanying Ricko along his journey through the lonely stretches of the Alaskan land, are not only the Nat Geo crew members but also his children. 

The father of six, DeWilde, who seems to spend a considerable time outdoors, does like to spend quality time with his children. However, while his children do appear on his Instagram and in his NAT GEO show quite frequently, his partner, or wife with whom he supposedly raises his children is seldom ever mentioned. 


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Ricko DeWilde Lives With His Children And Their Mother In Alaska

Outdoorsman Ricko has not only adapted to the wilderness but thrived in it and enjoys every single moment of the adventure. His passion for hunting and his love for his native roots is evident through his YouTube Channel where shows viewers hunting techniques while also revealing the importance of respecting and being grateful for the animals and the environment. Ricko likes to pass on these very sentiments to all of his children, as we have seen in the Nat Geo show before. 

As is evident via Instagram posts, Ricko's fast-growing breed of intrepid explorers enthusiastically partake in their father's indulgences from going on boat rides to fishing

Ricko lives with daughters Simone, Skarlett, and Maya, and sons Skyler and Keenan-and his longtime partner and the mother of the kids Rona Vent. While only mentions Ricko living with his five children, his Instagram posts also reveal that he has another daughter named, Sarah, about whom he has posted a couple of times back in 2012 and 2013, saying that he misses her. 

Unlike the myriad of photographs of Ricko with his children on Instagram, there are only a handful of such snaps of the reality TV star with his wife Rona. Nonetheless, Rona has been appearing on Ricko's social media handle since 2013, and have been together for a long time. They have beautiful pictures of their long journey together on Ricko's Instagram. One of them is a photo with the caption 'Bridesmaid and groomsmen'. However, in all these years, after raising six children, they have not spoken about their marital status, which is why it is still not clear if Rona and Ricko are married. 


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Rona shares Ricko's Passion for Hunting 

Ricko and Rona are raising their kids and although they currently live in Fairbanks, City in Alaska, Ricko loves to pass down the Native American traditions to his kids. 

Long-time partner Rona Vent seemingly is passionate about hunting too and Ricko loves to share the same with the world. In one such instance, Ricko has shared a picture of the entire family with a dead moose and has credit Rona's shooting skills for the catch.


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Likewise in an older post, this one from May of 2013, Ricko mentions his long-time partner thanking him for keeping up with him, probably referring to his penchant for the wild. 


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Whether or not Ricko and Rona are husband and wife seems like a trivial question when it is abundantly clear that they are blissfully happy together with their kids as one adorable family.