Rick and Morty is an entertainment powerhouse that has been fueling countless memes on the internet since 2013.

The trippy comedy show that spurred out as an adult knock off of 80's characters from Back To The Future has covered a blend of topics ranging from nihilism, relationship, social commentary to some pretty legit scientifical theories. Its sincere-but-humorous plot is always refreshing to watch

The cultural effect the show has had on today's generation is huge by any margin. So, let's get entertained with the 50 Rick and Morty memes that I have compiled with extensive research on the internet. 

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1. When You Don't Get Your Favorite Sauce.

Rick and Morty's Szechuan Sauce Meme

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When Rick talked about his passion for the long-lost McDonald Szechuan sauce in the episode 'The Rickshank Redemption,' McDonald revived the sauce in real life due to increasing demand from the public. The sauce was originally created to promote the 1998 Disney movie Mulan. 

2. Why Can't We Be Different And Happy?

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3. Not Everything Is Sci-Fi, Rick.

Rick and Morty memes

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4. Well, At least It'll Look Good On Your Resume, Right?

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5. Don't Text Your Crush While Your Drunk, Please?

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6. We All Have Been Lame In Our Life.

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7. We Don't Want An Emotional Baggage. We, Will, Throw It Away. That's Emotional!

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8. Will God Ever Understand That We Don't Want To Look Like Our Parents? DNA Gona Wrong!

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9. Mind Your Business! I Tried Relaxing Million Years Ago. It Never Works.

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10. Roger That, Captain. Our 'Rick And Morty' Troop Will Take Over The World.

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11. When Rick And Morty Episodes Lack Crazy Plots.

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12. Indian Fans Were Just Laughting. I Wonder Why?

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13. Bathroom Diaries!

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14. Whoever, She Is, Just Give Her A Medal Already.

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15. Be Aware Of Online Scammers. 

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16. Anything For The Trade!

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17.Hey. Hi. (Seen).

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18. Rick Is The Greatest Scientist And Immortal. Beat That!

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19. Rick literally Had Intimate Intercourse With A Planet In Season 4. Anything Not Bizzare For Him.

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20. When You Don't Know Anyone In A Party!

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21. What More We Should Expect This Year? Haven't We Seen Anything? A Bat Slams On My Window. Run!

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22. When Your Daughter Steals From You.

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23. English translation reads, "I'm in great pain, help me."

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24. Failed Marriage Never Benefitted Anyone.

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25. Snake Jazz Is A Thing Now, All Thanks To The New 'Rick And Morty.'

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26. You Can't Kill Something That's Already Dead.

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27. Was The Laziest Ending Ever...The Killing Spree.

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28. Literally Every 'Rick And Morty' Fan Right After A New Season Is Over.

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29. Ricky Gervais Hosting The Golden Globes


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30. How Coronavirus Has Uncovered The Hypocrisy Of Our System.

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31. Music Moves Us From The Inside.

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32. There's Always Your True Friend Who Doesn't Think What Others Say. Ask Jerry!

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33. Crystal Tell Me If I Will Ever Get Rich.

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34. Let's Agree To Disagree On This. 'Rick And Morty' Episode Never Disappoints.

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35. Please, Facebook Don't Block My Profile.

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36. What If My Phone Drops Down The Loo? Lets Ask Rick. 

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37. You Can Skip The History Class On This One Kid.

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38. Did You Know This Alien Was Voiced By Our Beloved Taika Waititi? No, Nevermind.

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39.When You Are So Ready To Pay People To Watch 'Rick And Morty.'

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40. Uber Experience Goes Wrong. 

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41. I Am Stuck At This Job. Its All Their Fault.

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42. When Your Father Is Genius Like Rick.

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43. You Better Hope It's Not Your Favourite Chocolate.

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44. Incognito Mode On!

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45. Home Is Where The Heart Is After All.

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46. Depression Is Our No. 1 Enemy

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47. A True 'Rick And Morty' Fan Selling Beer.

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48. Perks Of Being Single.

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49. Please, Accept The Link On Your Email ID And Password Just Once.

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50. That One Friend While Drinking.

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'Rick and Morty' Season 5 Release Date

At present, Rick and Morty Season 5 is under the pipeline. Its development and release have been affected due to the coronavirus outbreak.  

Previously, the fourth season was released in two time-frames between November 2019 to May 2020.