American singer-songwriter Rachelle Cordova, known by her stage name Reina del Cid, has churned several hits alongside her partner in crime Toni Lindgren.

Since 2011, the duo going by the name of The Cidizens have worked together on four albums, including blueprints, plansThe Cooling, Rerun City, and Morse Code.

With almost nine years of history as bandmates, Reina and Toni have been inseparable as they tour around the world together while also frequently gracing each other's social media handles. 

While Reina has kept her dating and relationship status under the wraps, fans of the American musical group have been speculating questions such as: "Are Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren a couple?" and "Is Reina del Cid married?"

So, has their professional relationship transformed into a romantic one? Or are these just baseless speculations?

Reina And Toni Might Just Be Friends

Reina del Cid is very close to her long-time friend, Toni Lindgren. The pair met in 2007 when Lindgren moved to Minneapolis in 2007. 

The lead guitarist of The Cidizens can be seen throughout Reina's page. Most of the duo's photos together are more on the professional front, informing followers on their next gig. However, in their long-time friendship, Reina has also wished and acknowledged her partner during birthdays or random jam sessions.

Going by her posts alone, it's safe to say that the singer-songwriter cherishes the time spent together with Toni, as she hints at the same birthday post. 

Happy birthday to Toni! (@twinkletones) It was yesterday, but we were so busy with adventures in Ireland that I forgot to post something. Here’s to many more rides around the sun with guitars, strong coffee, and good company!


A post shared by Reina del Cid (@reinadelcid)

Their bond, though, extends beyond world tours, jamming, making music, and Instagram posts. As Reina mentioned in her YouTube video titled 11 things you didn't know about Reina del Cid, she also relishes a game of chess with fellow musician Toni. 

With so many experiences shared between each other over the years, are Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren a couple? There's no concrete answer to this because the 32-year-old singer has remained tight-lipped on the issue. Both Reina and Toni have neither denied the rumors nor confirmed them. 

While it's unknown if the two bandmates share a relation more than friendship, both of them have been featured by Gay DO512, an online platform that specifically highlights queer-centric events, such as concerts and shows in Austin, Texas. 

However, this in no way confirms the rumors, and it would be rather unfair to speculate any further given Reina's and Toni's silence on the matter. 

Reina's Song 'New Girlfriend' Isn't About Her Girlfriend

One of the North Dakota native's older songs, 'New Girlfriend' gained positive acclaim from fans.

The song is titled 'New Girlfriend' and was performed by the Cidizens seven years ago, on July 17, 2013, and was recorded in RecordBar, Westport, Kansas City.

However, it was not the first time Reina sang the song as she wrote it before 2013.

The song also has a personal connection with Reina as she wrote it, dedicating the song, not to her girlfriend but to one of her best male friend's new dates.

During the live performance at RecordBar, on July 17, 2013, she mentioned she had a best friend with whom she was very close. However, her best friend's new girlfriend wasn't a big fan of their friendship. "She hated me so much that I felt like we had an emotional bond," she said, recounting her best friend's new girlfriend back in high school. 

Having performed such catchy tunes like New Girlfriend with Toni, it shouldn't really matter if the two are associated romantically or professionally as long as they keep churning out such a piece of music now and then.