Rachel Lindsay, who stole Bryan Abasolo, as well as most viewers’ hearts on the reality TV show The Bachelorette(2017), is a woman of many talents. 

Among other things, the Texas native is a personal injury lawyer at the Cooper & Scully P.C. in Dallas, Texas, and a co-host of the Higher Learning podcast. She has also worked in advertisements for various brands.

And if all these weren’t enough to show that Lindsay is worth a great deal financially, the wedding ring on her finger, which made headlines a while ago for being very expensive, also adds to her already good financial status.

The Bachelorette, Engagement, And A Very Expensive Ring

Rachel Lindsay first stepped foot on the reality TV universe with appearances on The Bachelor in 2017. But her big break of TV was when she became the first African-American lead on the spinoff show The Bachelorette that same year.

In the show, she was pursued by many men who wanted to woo her and make her theirs. However, among them, Bryan Abasolo, a Florida-based chiropractor originally from Colombia, managed to win her heart, proposed to her on the show, and got engaged to one another.


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On top of being engaged to someone she wanted to be with, Lindsay also got a great ring for the occasion. At the time of their engagement in August 2017, the ring made as many headlines as their decision, if not more.

But, was the ring that special? Well, yes, it was! Although not everyone liked the ring, it was a work of art.

A Closer Look At The Haloed Ring

The engagement ring was a pear-shaped 3-carat diamond ring custom made by Neil Lane. And, Lindsay’s ring would’ve been special enough if it was just this much and nothing else, but there are even more details to go into.

The Texan lawyer, who went into detail about her ring and how it came to be in an interview with People, said that she had hinted to Abasolo what she wanted her ring to look like.

I dropped pretty big hints as to what I wanted. He asked, so I did. I wanted a pear-shaped diamond.

But, Abasolo went a little further with the additional details on the ring. He added a halo, which meant something to them at the time.

Then it has a halo around it, which that’s all him. He told me on our second time together that he felt like I had a halo around my head, and he explained it, and the Beyonce halo song has kind of been our thing. So for him to incorporate that into the ring, it’s beautiful.

The halo was all diamonds, and there were more than 80 additional diamonds all over the band and the ring.

So, how much did the ring actually cost? According to an insider for E! Online, as reported by the publication on August 8, 2017, the ring cost over $100k!

However, this might have been a guess from E! Online because, as Insider claimed just two days later on August 10, the show’s representatives neither commented nor confirmed the ring’s price to them.

Over $100 thousand might be a good guess on E!’s part as other rings of similar designs from Neil Lane cost around the same.

The good-looking pair got married on August 24, 2019.

Rachel Lindsay’s Career Outside of Reality-TV

With all these reality TV appearances, we must not forget that Rachel Lindsay has a career outside of television as well.

According to her LinkedIn profile, The Bachelorette star graduated from Marquette University Law School in 2011 with Juris Doctor and loads of other accolades in sports and academics. After graduation, she took many jobs in law firms; as a clerk and assistant early on and became an attorney later.

In December 2015, she landed her present job, Attorney at Law/personal injury lawyer at the Dallas-based Cooper and Scully P.C.

Apart from her law practice career, Lindsay also co-hosts the Higher Learning podcast alongside Van Lathan, where they “dissect the biggest topics in black culture, politics, and sports.”

She also does advertisements for McDonald, Found, Nordstrom, Sezwe, and many more on her Instagram.

How Much is Rachel Lindsay’s Net Worth?

Neither Rachel Lindsay nor anyone associated with her has come out with her actual net worth of November 2020. But, based on her possible income sources and projected revenues, we can guess how much she could be worth right now.

First, let’s look at her salary when she was in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows. According to Reality Steve, as reported by Stylecaster, the standard rate for a season-long appearance on one of these shows is more than $100k. The article added a caveat saying that the pay could also vary depending upon how good the participants’ lawyers are.

Now to Lindsay’s income from social media advertisements. As per Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation, looking at the Texan’s Instagram following alone, she could be making at least $10K per advertisement post.

He also said that "celeb influencers", a category which Lindsay falls under, could be making more than $100 thousand per year from just IG ads.

Thus, we can say that Rachel Lindsay is making a decent income and has a huge figure as her net worth from these stats, even if we do not have an actual number with us right now.