QB1: Beyond The Lights, an American documentary series that revolves around aspiring high school senior quarterbacks as they play their final season before embarking on their journey to NCAA Division I College Football, is one of Netflix’s most-watched docu-series.

The series’s fans were quite excited to get a fourth season; however, it was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Is QB1’s 4th Season Coming Out?

Ever since the release of QB1’s first season in 2017, the series received heaps of love from the fans and was renewed for a new season each year. The Netflix original series, directed by Peter Berg, released its second and third seasons in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

And going by that same formula, QB1 was supposed to have gotten its fourth season in August 2020, but sadly it was delayed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

So far, the rescheduled release date has not been confirmed. Some fans, however, have speculated that the show could have been canceled because of the pandemic. On the contrary, some sources have predicted that the new season could drop anytime.

Cast Of New Season

Each season of QB1 features three main casts from among the American high-school football scene. For the first season, the leads were Jame Fromm (Georgia), Tate Martell (Ohio State and Miami), and Tayvon Bowers (Wake Forest).

The second season saw Justin Fields (Georgia and Ohio State), Sam Hartman (Wake Forest), and Re-al Mitchell (Iowa State).

Like the first and second seasons, the third season also cast star quarterbacks of the high-school football scene. It featured Lance LeGendre (Maryland), Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma), and Nik Scalzo (Kentucky).

As for the cast of the fourth season, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. And while there have been no official announcements regarding the new leads, some reports have named a few likely candidates.

According to Saturday Blitz, the three quarterbacks for QB1 season 4 are Alabama’s Bryce Young, Florida’s Anthony Richardson, and Georgia’s Carson Beck.

Storyline And Format

QB1’s format has remained the same throughout all three seasons. Hence, it is likely that the fourth season will also follow a similar format.

In the previous seasons, the story focused on the hardships the quarterbacks had to face to meet the expectations placed on an elite athlete.

The viewers were further pulled into the story when the leads’ dreams and struggles were presented in a down-to-earth manner.

The heated nature of the games further elevates the atmosphere of the show, enhancing the viewing experience. Additionally, the way director Berg has portrayed the significant stakes for these quarterbacks who have dedicated so much of their life to football adds a sense of gravitas to the show.