FOX News reporter Peter Doocy, the son of Steve Doocy, has been working in front of a camera for a very long time. A Democratic Field reporter for FOX, his professional life is all out for everyone to see.

However, the same cannot really be said for his personal life. Being an on-field reporter, rushing from one place to another covering news and issues, probably does not leave him with enough time for romantic relationships.

So, with that in mind, let’s find out whether he is married and just keeping his wife out of the public eye, or is he single?

Is Peter Doocy Married? Is He Maintaining Secrecy Regarding Personal Life?

Details regarding Peter Doocy’s romantic relationships are next to non-existent on the internet. If he does have a wife or a girlfriend, he has kept her very well-hidden.


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His social media posts give nothing off in regards to this, either. His Twitter posts are just tweets and retweets about US politics, with the majority of them in 2020 being about the US Presidential elections. 

His Instagram is the same in terms of the information regarding his partner, but a bit different in terms of what he posts, or rather, posted in the past.

Doocy appears to be a rather laid-back guy from his posts on Instagram. He uploaded all kinds of pictures on his account — from pictures of him hanging out with his friends and supporting his favorite sports team to snippets from his field reporting — until he stopped doing so in 2018.

His last post on the platform was on 3 April 2018 where he can be seen celebrating his Villanova University sports team, the university from where he got his B.A.

Peter Doocy Looks Unlikely To Keep His Marriage A Secret

Another interesting thing about his posts is that he does not look to be a guy who would keep his married life a secret. All his posts, whether it be with his family, friends, or work, are still available on his social media.

Pictures of moments from his childhood up to a few years ago are well documented on his IG. So, if he was actually concerned about his private life that much, he might have deleted those posts as well.

This would lead us to believe that Doocy may actually be single. And considering how hectic an on-field reporter’s days can be, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that he has chosen to focus solely on his career for now and plans on being in romantic relationships later in his life.

However, we are just speculating here, and until and unless he comes out with something regarding his romantic ties, we think he is single for now.

Could Peter Doocy Be Gay?

The FOX reporter, who has been with the network since 2009, attracts a lot of attention from female fans on social media. But, he has never been associated with anyone of the opposite genders and the lack of information about his female partner raises the question of whether he is gay.

The interesting thing about this rumor is that he works at FOX, which is a conservative network. And there haven’t been many records of people who have worked at FOX to have come out as homosexuals. According to The Daily Beast, the last person to have done so was Shepard Smith in 2017. And his time at FOX ended just two years later after some bad comments from his colleagues, as reported by Advocate.

This means that there is a certain stigma for someone to come out as gay while working at FOX. Could this mean that Doocy, too, is keeping his sexuality to himself and preferring not to come out? That we will know only from Peter himself.