Welsh Actress Perdita Weeks's daily routine isn't far off from the feats we see her achieve as a former MI6 agent Juliet Higgins in the hit 2018 reboot of Magnum P.I. (2018).

Being a Secret Intelligence Service agent endowed with dangerous tasks including combat, fictional agent Higgins was no stranger to keeping fit, and neither is Perdita Weeks, the actress who portrayed the character on-screen.

Given Week's penchant for hiking, yoga, and rock-climbing, Perdita embodies much of her on-screen avatar's persona, at least when it comes to fitness and her love for dogs in real life. 

What Is Perdita Weeks’s Character, Juliet Higgins, Like?

Perdita Weeks’ casting in Magnum P.I. represented a change in how the series was going to turn out. Prior to Weeks' casting, the role of Higgins in the previous version of the show from the 1980s had been a male character — Jonathan Higgins.

Despite the gender switch, not all traits turned out to be different between the versions of Higgins. The Weeks' version of Higgins was still well-versed in combat. She was still a former MI6 agent, helping the show's lead Magnus solve numerous cases. 

However, Perdita's spin on the character highlighted Higgins as not only a strong combatant but also added layers to the character. And unlike the original show, viewers got to see the newer (softer) side of Higgins as well.

Apart from fighting bad guys and hacking, fans saw her do more relatable every-day aspects of life such as yoga.

Perdita Weeks is Very Similar to Her Character in Magnum P.I.

Perdita Weeks might not have had such a difficult time getting into the character of Juliet Higgins because she also does similar things to her character in real life. In fact, she is someone who loves to keep fit and enjoys being active.

During an interview with CineMovie, as reported by StarAdvertiser, she admitted that she did most of her own stunts and loved playing a physical role. Weeks also revealed how she did yoga regularly and actually practiced Bikram Yoga while preparing for her role in the show.

In addition to practicing yoga, she remains active by going hiking, rock climbing, and "chasing waterfalls" from time to time, as is evident through her Instagram.

And the Similarities don't All End There. Weeks is also an Avid Animal lover, much like Higgins. 

In Magnum P.I, agent Higgins is shown as a dog lover. Her two Dobermanns, named Zeus and Appolo, add dimension to her otherwise strong, unapologetic demeanor. 

Similarly, Weeks has a cute chihuahua herself which she often shows off in her IG handle. Additionally, she has also been seen clicking pictures and making friends with animals wherever she goes.

More About Perdita Weeks

With a decent height of 5 feet 4 inches, exceptionally fit physique, and charming good looks, it seems as if Weeks was born to play the part of an MI6 agent. But well before landing one of her most popular roles in Magnum P.I., Perdita had already started acting in her childhood. 

Speaking to CBS Watch Magazine, she said that she never really decided to be an actress, but naturally got into acting when she was really young, and never really did anything else once she got the hang of it.

 Talking about her passion for her job, she was quoted as saying, “This is just the best job in the world. You get to travel, you meet interesting people, and it can be so much fun.”

Weeks has 33 acting credits to her name as of November 2020, which include projects such as Lost in Austen (2008), Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004), The Tudors (2007-2008), Titanic (2012), As Above, So Below (2014), Penny Dreadful (2016), Ready Player One (2018), and Hawaii Five-0 (2020) to name a few.