Tik Tok sensation Payton Moormeier shed light on his singlehood and also revealed the qualities he sought in his partner during an interview with the Hollywire. He also found himself in hot waters after a subconscious action led his fans to think something was going on between him and fellow Tik Toker, Riley Hubatka.

Moormeier Wants a Girlfriend Who Likes Music

In an interview with Hollywire in October, the TikTok star revealed the qualities he would look for in a girl. He first stated that he would want a romantic partner who loves music. He said, " I mean, she's gotta mess with my music. She gonna be a fan of music."

The 17-year-old then added that he would want a partner who would always stick beside him no matter what.

I want someone who's there for me and someone who's not gonna turn the back on me whenever something gets risky.

Despite being asked of three qualities, Moormeier only talked about two. Nevertheless, the 'Habits' singer told the fans how he wanted his ideal date to be. He said his ideal date should look like a cheesy old-school picnic date. 

...something really romantic and cheesy like you go on its like a mountain, like the outlooks on the Mulholland, you know you just go up there and have a nice little picnic with an old traditional picnic basket, you know something really like visco." 

Denies Rumors of Dating Riley Hubatka

In the Hollywire session, Moormeier was also asked if anything was going on between him and fellow Tik Tok celebrity Riley Hubatka. He denied the rumors, saying that nothing was going on and that the two were just friends.

However, after answering the question, he smiled and covered his face with his cap. The subtle gesture from Moormeier got his fans riled up, and some of them even took to the comment section to address that action.


To ensure that there were no misinterpretations from his action in the interview, Hubatka herself took to her live session to clear the air and maintained she was single. She also stressed that she was not dating Moormeier at all. 

Says He Would Never Hide His Relationship

When the Tik Tok sensation first created a ripple on the platform, teenage girls couldn’t help themselves from falling in love with his boyish charm. Several videos later, the youngster became the talk of the town. The young star soon found himself in the middle of a social media crowd who wanted to know about his personal life. 

Fulfilling his fans' demands, the icon revealed his single status in an interview with Hollywire.

Through another interview, he unveiled that he had always been open about relationships. He also asserted that he would love to share his relationship status, if he had any, by posting pictures with his girlfriend on social media.

I like being open about the relationship, like I think it's cool if I had a girlfriend I would love to post stuff with my girlfriend, like girlfriend appreciation day.

With a sweet personality and charm, there is no doubt that Moormeier will find his best match in no time.