In 2012, the TV personality Olivia Black got fired from the History Channel’s reality show Pawn Stars after her nude pictures hit the soft-core site Suicide Girls. She modeled under the name of Belladonna for the site, showing off her piercings and tattoos in lacy lingerie.

The exotic beauty, who had been a nude model for the soft-core pornographic website since 2008, had a deal with the pawnshop’s bosses that she would not get involved in her former job while joining the famous Las Vegas-based Gold And Silver Pawn Shop.

Olivia Black and Austin “Chumlee” Russell in the show Pawn Stars

Olivia Black and Austin “Chumlee” Russell in the show 'Pawn Stars.' (Photo: IMDb)

And since Black couldn’t keep her word, she had to say goodbye to her stint at Pawn Stars. In the show, she had starred alongside Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Richard Harrison, and Co­rey.

Nay, Sadly this is not a joke….I no longer work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it has been a whirlwind of a year, and now I must move on. - Olivia Black wrote on her Facebook.

After leaving the show, the first thing she did was continued her career as a model for Suicide Girls. Moreover, she also starred in adult videos for several other pornographic websites.

Even today, a glance into her Twitter account shows that she is still involved in adult films and nude modeling. The Maryland native also manages a website where she shares adult content with premium members who have purchased a membership.

Besides that, Black was also seemingly close to a woman whose identity was kept private. But the mysterious lady has an Instagram handle that goes by the username @liveveganstrong and is named “Miss Olivia Black & The Chef.”

One of the Instagram posts from the mentioned handle featured a selfie of the two, where it was noted that the television personality and the mysterious diva were a couple.

The Instagram handle also had another post from April 2018, where the mysterious girl is helping Black with her hair. The caption here all but confirmed that they were a couple; it went:

A good wife does daddy's hair.

However, the two have not been seen together in recent times, neither publicly nor through social media. Both Black and the mysterious lady’s last Instagram post dates back to 2019. 

All that being said, neither of them ever clearly confirmed their relationship. And if they were a couple, there hasn’t been any news of the television personality coming out as a lesbian to date.

Besides being cast on the reality show Pawn Stars and nude modeling, Black has also worked as a hairdresser and makeup art­ist to make a living.