American reality star Otto Kilcher has been relishing a perfect time with his family crew filming for his popular Discovery show but one thing that has always made the viewers curious about is his marital life. His marital life has a long history including numbers of wives, let's find out about it further!

The Alaska native is a mechanic and reality star best-known as the head of the Kilcher family, who is a prominent feature of the Discovery's reality series, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Alaska The Last Frontier: Otto Kilcher has a plan to get the shed on the trailer by using Eivin's excavator for his show (Published on 25 November 2018)

The show was nominated for Emmy Awards in 2014 for Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming and Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program.

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Here are some wiki facts of the tv star that includes his short bio, career, wife, children and net worth.

1. Otto Kilcher Wiki-Like Bio(Age): Birthday, Parents, Family

Otto was born in 1952 to parents, Yule and Ruth Kilcher in Alaska and his birthday falls on the 19th of April. His parents escaped from the Hitler’s stronghold on Eastern Europe and moved to the United States for shelter.

The 66-year-old is the sixth of the eight children in the Swiss immigrant family and one of the pioneer families to reside in Alaska. His father, Yule, was a senator in Alaska, who contributed in writing the state's constitution.

Out of his seven siblings, he has six daughters and a brother.  The popular American musician and actress, Jewel Kilcher is the daughter of his only brother, Atz Kilcher.

He was raised in their small log cabin, spending his early years playing in the woods and canyons and helping with chores and farm work. He was interested in playing with anything mechanical from a young age and also became the fixer of everything broken on the homestead.

2. Otto Kilcher Appears As Mechanic On "Alaska: The Last Frontier" Series

His interest in anything mechanical also landed him a role as a mechanic on the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier which premiered in 2011, and his family members are featured in the series as well. The show comprises of different families living their lives in one of the most challenging places in the world, without modern comforts like plumbing and modern heating.

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Otto's eldest brother Atz is a patriarch, who leads the Kilcher family in the activities such as hunting, fishing and gathering supplies from their land on the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Meanwhile, Otto is an expert in mechanics, who is known for his handiness with tools and abilities to fix things on the show.

Moreover, his wife, Charlotte Kilcher and one of his sons, Eivin is part of the series as well. The series is on its eighth season in 2018.

3. Otto Kilcher Boasts Gigantic Net Worth Thanks To Alaska

Otto and his family members have not only earned recognition from the show but also accumulated the remarkable amount of net worth. They have amassed a notable amount of fortune from the multiple seasons of the show.

As the main cast of the show, Otto currently enjoys the net worth of $4 million while his brother, Atz has a net worth of $5 million.

The total net worth of the Kilcher family including the value of their homestead outside of Alaska is approximately $16 million.

4. Otto Kilcher Is Thrice Married Man & Lives With Third Wife

Talking about his marital status, Otto, age 66 is a thrice-married man. He was first married to Sharon McKemie and later got divorced around 1987 according to the wiki sources. They are the parents of two children; sons, Levi and Eivin.

Later, he got married to Olga Von Ziegesar with whom also he could not have a sustained relationship leading to a divorce.

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He is currently married to Charlotte Kilcher, and the pair has been together for more than 20 years. They were in a relationship for several years before their marriage. Otto and his third wife, Charlotte shares a son named August from their relationship. He is also a father to a son, Torrey, born from the previous marriage of Charlotte.

The couple resides together with their family and appears together in the show. They are already grandparents for their grandchildren and Kilcher's family is expanding very soon.

Family time: Otto poses in a family portrait with his wife, children, and grandchildren. (Photo:

All the life skills Otto has gained have been passed down to sons Levi, Eivin and August, and step-son Torrey, giving them all a "can do" practical background that is rare to find these days.

Along with being a father of three, he is now a grandfather as well as his son Eivin is a father to two beautiful children now! That calls for another generation of adventurous Kilcher family!