During an episode of AwesomenessTV on YouTube, Ondreaz Lopez, alongside his brother Tony Lopez, answered the internet's most searched questions about them. In the video, the brothers revealed a lot about themselves.

Who Are the Lopez Brothers?

If TikTok is one of your favorite social network sites, then you might be quite familiar with The Lopez Bros by now. The dynamic dance duo Tony and Ondreaz Lopez have taken the internet by storm over the past year through their success in TikTok and other social media platforms.

Besides his success from The Lopez Bros, Ondreaz Lopez, the older sibling, has his own massive following on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram

Ondreaz Reveals His Height And Ethnicity 

Ondreaz Lopez was born on April 4, 1997. By now, most of us know him as a Las Vegas native, but there's a small detail about his birthplace and where he grew up.

The 5 feet 8-and-a-half inches tall TikTok star was actually born in Thornton, Colorado. In the session with AwesomenessTV, he shared that after just a few days after he was born, his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was raised.


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As for the brothers' ethnicity, they come from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds. They are Mexican and Native American from his father's side and German and Italian from their mother's side.

Lopez Brothers Reveal Their Ethnicity

Ondrea and his brother Tony reveal their ethnicity (Photo Source: AwesomenessTV)

Ondreaz Is The The Middle Brother

During the question-answer session, the Lopez brothers disclosed that Ondreaz was 23 years old, where as Tony was 21. 

After a brief talk on their childhood that they spent in Las Vegas, Tony also revealed that he had an older brother named Xavier Lopez (25).


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Ondreaz and Tony were brought up in East Side, Las Vegas. Tony, in one of his live sessions, explained that the part of the Vegas was a ghetto neighborhood when they were growing up. He added that the place had a lot of gang-related activities that made them afraid to live there.

During the live chat, Tony further mentioned that he and his brothers faced family issues as well. He did mention divorce in that context. He said, " Many people can relate to family issues, mom and dad arguing, divorce, things like that. And its a reality. I am not gonna hind from it."

Where Does Ondreaz Lopez Live?

As of July 2020, both Ondreaz and his brother Tony lived at the Hype House in Los Angeles, California.

Hype House is a collaborative group of top influential TikTok stars who live in the same house to make it easier for themselves to collaborate with each other.

The current Hype House is a Spanish-style mansion at the top of a hill in Los Angeles. It has all sorts of luxurious facilities such as a backyard, a pool, a huge kitchen, dining rooms, and separate living rooms for all the people that live there.

In the video with AwesomenessTV, they also named some of the people that they live with, namely Nick Austen, Thomas Petrou, and Alex Warren, among others.

Five Facts About Ondreaz Lopez That You Might Want To Know

  • He has Green/Hazel-colored eyes.

  • He drives a BMW.


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  • Ondreaz doesn't play video games that much but when he does, he likes to play sports games such as NBA or Madden.

  • Despite being a Latino, he does not speak Spanish. He says that it is because his father never really talked to him or his brothers in Spanish. However, he is learning the language through an app named Duo Lingo.

  • He also has marches available for his fans, which can be purchased from the dance duo's site.