Child actor Oakes Fegley has had quite a career even though he is only 15 years old. Fans absolutely love him, and he is popular for his roles in Hollywood projects including hit movies like Pete’s Dragon (2016), Wonderstruck (2017), and Fort Bliss (2014).

Fegley started out very young and is already a well-respected actor. This clearly makes him no normal teenager, and achieving the amount of success he has is still an astonishing feat.

How exactly did his career start, and how has it progressed over the past decade? Keep reading to find out.

Oakes Fegley’s Hollywood Family Inspired Him to be an Actor

As is typical of child stars in Hollywood, Fegley was also born into a family full of actors and actresses. His parents Michael and Merce Fegley are both actors known for their roles in The Final Mission (2018) and Samuel’s Game (2014), respectively. That is not all, his two siblings August and Winslow are also prominent child actors.

His family of actors has clearly had an impact on Fegley. In an interview with The Morning Call in October 2017, Oakley stated that his sister was his biggest inspiration to pursue a career in movies.

She had such a passion for acting…She really started me on it.

He Starred in His Debut Movie at a Tender Age of 9

Oakes got into the industry very quickly; at the age of 9, he was already shooting his first movie Fort Bliss (2014). He played the role of Paul, the son of the main character Maggie Swan (Michelle Monaghan) and her ex Richard (Ron Livingston) in the movie.

Fegley is quite prevalent throughout the movie and his character is integral to the plot, which is about soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan.

As the son of the main character Michelle, he serves as a sort of a link to Michelle and her emotions, hence his portrayal of Paul is essential to the story’s development.

Impressive Movie Appearances Showcases Fegley’s Acting Abilities

Fegley has received overwhelmingly positive acclaim for his performances. His most prominent movie Pete’s Dragon was a big hit and Forbes called it “terrific and unabashedly emotional”. The director of the movie David Lowery had this to say about Fegley:

I can't describe it, but there was something so real about him.

Even in his 2019 movie Goldfinch, which was rated poorly, Fegley’s performance was still applauded by critics; Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said that he “(did) well with the role.”


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He Shared Screen With Legendary Actor Robert De Niro

Oakes Fegley’s latest appearance was in the movie War with Grandpa, which was released just last month on October 9, 2020. In the movie, he has worked and starred with Robert De Niro, a legendary Hollywood sensation.

Fegley’s character Peter and De Niro’s Ed as his grandfather are the two main characters of the movie. The plot is essentially about Peter having to share a room with his Grandpa and declaring a “war” with him.

To star beside a Godfather cast member is an honor for any actor, to be able to do it as a teenager is a truly phenomenal achievement.