The comedian/musician Nick Thune married his wife, Suzanne Thune, on February 24, 2008, but posts very little about their marriage on their social media pages.

The couple had their son on November 7, 2013. Being the proud dad that he is, Nick loves posting pictures of him and his son on his Instagram account and isn’t shy to express how fatherhood changed him for the better.

Suzzane Likes Her Privacy

Suzanne is a very private person and likes keeping her life out of the limelight, she maintains a private Instagram account and rarely appears in her husband's posts.

Although Suzanne enjoys the stardom that surrounds her husband from afar, she is more than happy to help Nick behind the cameras and the stand-up comedian appreciates every bit of it.

In his famous comedy special episode Nick Thune: Good Guy with Comedy Central, the stand-up comedian has talked about how his wife helped him in many different aspects of his life.

The comedian talks humorously about the fact that the "Good Guy" neon sign hanging behind him was his wife’s creation. 

In spite of trying hard to remain out of the spotlight, Nick's beautiful wife can be spotted in his work and some of his earlier posts. 

On February 24, 2015, Nick posted a beautiful picture of the two from their wedding day with a loving caption.

In the caption, the comedy star announced their seventh anniversary and left a love you note for his beautiful wife.


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Nick On Being A Father

Unlike with his wife, the stand-up comedian has filled his Instagram handle with pictures of him and his son. The father-son duo seems as adorable as ever and looks like they have quite the bond. 

His most recent August 10, 2021 post with his son shows just how close the two are. He jokingly states that his son will never let him fully relax. 


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Not only is Nick a fan of posting his son's pictures on his social media handles, the proud father never shies away from talking about his son during his interviews. In an interview with The Columbia Chronicle, Nick expressed how being a father has changed him as a person and an entertainer.

The entertainer believes that having a kid has changed every aspect of his life, from being more compassionate to make him better at his job. Nick said;

My son has influenced every aspect of my entire life. It really made me care about everything more too. It just made me a better person. I think it’s just making my comedy better.

Adding further on how being a father has played an important role in altering his life for the better, the comedy star pointed out that fatherhood came to him when he was ready and that was motivational.

The stand-up comedian shared that life was filled with excitement for him because of his son. He expressed that he was more excited about mundane things like coming home and working. 

The actor also revealed that working more did not burden him as it did before, knowing that he was doing all of it for his son, and not just for him and his wife.