Zack Snyder has offered us another look into what we can expect from his cut of the Justice League. 

Snyder has often given out information about his movie through teases and sneaks peeks on his social media handles. This time, he forwarded a post-production shot from his cut of the Justice League, which shows Steppenwolf arriving at Wonder Woman’s homeworld, Themyscira.

Snyder Cut Steppenwolf arrives at Themyscira

Snyder’s cut Steppenwolf (Photo Source: VERO) 

Ever since the picture has been released on Vero, fans have been comparing how Snyder’s version of Steppenwolf vastly differs in terms of looks than the version in the 2017’s Justice League.

Photo of Steppenwolf in Theatrical cut Justice League

Steppenwolf in 2017’s Justice League (Photo Source: Flashback FM)

In the 2017’s movie, Steppenwolf was more humanoid in form and character. Now, Snyder’s version looks more towering and formidable, giving him an ‘instrument of destruction feel’ that is befitting of the director’s visual aesthetics. 

The new version can be seen in all his glory when the Snyder Cut Justice League releases on HBO Max in 2021. The director has stated that the film will have a runtime of 214 minutes, which puts it around three and a half hours. 

The original Steppenwolf first made his appearance during a critical ending scene of Batman V Superman (2015). However, the character wasn’t present in the theatrical release but was included later in the ‘extended cut’ of the film.


Steppenwolf in Batman V Superman Extended Cut (Photo Source: Flashback FM)

In the scene, Steppenwolf is seen communicating with Luthor just before the latter’s capture. Suddenly, Steppenwolf vanishes into thin air, suggesting he is using some sort of high-tech alien technology to communicate with Luthor on Earth.