NBC News National Correspondent, Miguel Almaguer is one of the network's go-to reporters for breaking news. He has covered a variety of issues from natural disasters to the on-going global pandemic. The Los-Angeles-based journalist, who is also a prominent figure when it comes to reporting on LGBTQ issues, has, however, kept his own sexuality under wraps. Despite maintaining silence over his personal life, his sexual preference frequently comes under the microscope. Social media users often mercilessly call him out on his unique voice, while also pinning him as being gay.

However, how much truth is there in those tweets? Is Almaguer actually gay? Or is it just people taking wild guesses because of the lack of information regarding his personal life?

Is Miguel Almaguer Gay? How Did The Rumors Start?

The rumors about Miguel Almaguer’s sexuality have been floating on the internet for quite a while now. And they seem to have originated because of his way of talking and delivering news.

Some tweets are from people wishing that he was not gay because he was good-looking, such as a tweet from November 2, 2011, from Kia Giovann Shakur. However, the majority of the tweets are people either speculating that he is gay or expressing their distaste for his recitation, and attributing that to his supposed homosexuality.

Many people on Twitter seem to have had a problem with the way he speaks. One user named James tweeted two such tweets in 2016. On March 17, 2016, he tweeted pointing out what he felt was an intentional intonation in his voice.

Then, on April 22 of the same year, he came out with another tweet, this time saying that he wondered how the people of Ecuador think about what he perceived was his “strange gay voice and word rolling”.

In April 2018, Twitterati Antonio asked Almaguer if he was gay. He did not get any response from the NBC reporter.

Another Twitterati voiced his dislike in August 2019 through a tweet where he said he was getting sick of Almaguer’s way of reading the news.

Similarly, people have been relentless in judging his voice. In one instance, a tweet from May 5, 2020, targeted the journalist and his tone as a “white guy expressing himself to be black but is not...”.

People Have Compared Almaguer’s Way Of Speaking To A Gay Robot

Almaguer’s voice isn’t just making people think he is gay. People have also compared his way of talking to a robot.

PG WOLFE expressed his annoyance at Almaguer’s voice on Twitter in 2018 saying that he talks like a robot and should rather start recording news like a normal human being. 

And, another user took it even further, combining both the gay and the robot parts. On 17 April 2015, Patrick Welty chimed in saying “you got a future in the business but why you have to talk like a gay robot man”.

Could Almaguer’s Coverage On LGBTQ Fuel The Rumors?

Miguel has not addressed any of the aforementioned tweets and queries about his sexuality, neither has he ever explicitly come out and said that he is either straight or gay. However, he does cover a lot of news regarding the LGBTQ community. 

One of the more significant stories in the recent past about the LGBTQ community was Hallmark Channel’s removal of a commercial featuring a same-sex couple in December 2019. Almaguer was the centerpiece of this coverage for NBC as he reported the whole controversy from beginning to end.

He was also the chosen person to cover Kevin Hart’s withdrawal as Oscars host in December 2018. Hart had tweeted allegedly controversial and anti-gay tweets at the beginning of the decade. After these tweets resurfaced, he chose to forego the job.

Almaguer was also involved in the unfolding of actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged homosexual attacks case back in early 2019.

Having covered a fair share of issues surrounding the LGBTQ community, it might have been easier for social media to make assumptions of his sexuality, but that is only mere speculation. Almaguer, however, has remained tight-lipped on the issue.