Arts and crafts YouTube content creator Moriah Elizabeth has a subscriber base just a little shy of six million. Through the famous channel, the YouTuber shares numerous aspects from a passion for arts to a proclivity for fixing broken stuff. But one thing the 26-year-old artist refrains from featuring is her husband.

However, ardent fans of the show might have already spotted Moriah's partner in a few older videos.

Stick around to learn everything from Moriah Elizabeth’s husband's name to the couple's marriage details. 

Moriah Elizabeth’s Husband Name Is Jordan

Yes, that’s right! Moriah Elizabeth’s husband is none other than Jordan, who has also been on her YouTube videos in the past. As of December 2020, Elizabeth and Jordan have been married for over 6 years.

During a Q&A video on YouTube on September 10, 2018, the arts and crafts content creator revealed getting married at the age of 19 sometime around 2013-14. At that time, the husband's name wasn't disclosed. 

But on April 26, 2019, in yet another Q&A video, the YouTube sensation revealed that her husband’s name is Jordan and also showed a few clips of him from previous videos.

His name is Jordan. He has been on the camera in the past. I’ll show you a couple of clips of him and me when we were teenagers. He looks a little different now, remarkably, I don’t. I’m not aging but it’s kind of scaring me.

Elizabeth further addressed the most asked question from subscribers: will he be on her channel in the future? To which the content creator replied, “Probably, on his own time, though.”

She Does Not Want Him To Receive Mean Comments

On May 29, 2020, Moriah Elizabeth shared that she was not ready to bring Jordan in front of the camera and upload the video with him on YouTube.

The reason being that Moriah does not want anyone to be mean to him or write wrong things in the comment section. The crafty influencer further added, “And that goes for everyone in my family or friends.”

I would be scared to bring them on my channel because I don’t want anyone to be rude to them and I don’t want anyone getting the chance to insult somebody that I care about.

In the end, Moriah didn't give a concrete answer pertaining to Jordan's future appearances in the channel. “I am not gonna say he’ll never be on my channel, but I’m also not gonna promise that he will be either," told Elizabeth.

Jordan Has Been In Several Early YouTube Videos

Moriah Elizabeth’s husband Jordan has been featured in a number of early YouTube videos.

In July 2012, titled “Worst Things to Say to a Girl,” featured Jordan in it. In the video’s description, Elizabeth said they had to practice for about a half-hour before filming because Jordan was very camera shy.

Similarly, he also featured in March 2013 and July 2013 videos titled “How to Get a Guy to Like You” and “11 Ways to Break Up,” respectively.

Both Moriah and Jordan look really adorable together. You must definitely check out their videos for sure.