The star of the TV show Expedition Bigfoot, Dr. Mireya Mayor, has been surrounded by rumors about undergoing plastic surgery on her lips. In the thread of one of the Reddit posts made by the fans to praise the show, people debated whether or not the explorer underwent plastic surgery.

Rumor Has It

A year ago, in a thread of a Reddit post, Mayor was attacked by many fans of the show with alleged Lip Filler rumors. In the thread, many have commented on Mayor’s appearance, mainly her fuller-looking lips.

However, there has been no confirmation about the rumor being true from the TV personality.

Based on the explorer's oldest Instagram images from 2012, there have not been drastic changes over the course of 9 years, which disapproves the rumors.


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It seems like it wasn’t the first time someone had commented on her appearance.

The adventurer in her book ‘Pink Boots and a Machete,’ which came out in 2011, revealed that in her life, she has come across many people who have judged her by the way she looks even before saying hello. Mayor wrote; 

It seemed I wasn’t even safe from a few of the television producers, some of whom remarked on my looks before they even said hello.

Not A Regular Working Mom

In one of her interviews with National Geography from 2011, the explorer spoke about the motivation and challenges of her job.

At the beginning of the Interview, Mayor says that she first started her job as a field researcher back in 1996. During that time, she was not yet a mother, but her motivation came from the fact that she did not want her children to miss out on the wilderness that she experienced. 

Mayor in the interview explained;

I want these animals to be here for my children one day, I think that's what motivates me. The idea that If I do something to protect these animals and these wild places, that they are going to be around for generations to come.

In the same interview, the explorer admitted that it is always hard to part with your children as a mother. And unlike a normal working mother, she is usually gone from their lives for days on end and sometimes even months, with zero communication, which is tougher.

However, the fact that she is doing this for her kids keeps her going. The adventurer also shared that with all that she does, she wants to motivate her daughters to fiercely follow their passion, no matter how hard it might seem, and set an example for them.