Maverick Baker recently took his girlfriend Cailey Kennedy out on her prom despite the ongoing pandemic and the event was worth remembering for Cailey. She was surprised by the grand endeavors of her boyfriend. Read the full article to know what events unfolded during the surprise prom night.

This article also includes a brief overview of Maverick's career and family life.

Maverick Baker Tiktok Profile 

Maverick Baker has become somewhat of a superstar in recent years. Ever since his TikTok debut in 2017, the Oklahoma native has managed to amass more than 12.8 million followers on his account. The fan following shows no signs of stopping as he continues to gather followers on his Youtube and Instagram accounts, combined of which has a total of 14 million followers and growing.

He usually makes entertaining pranks, and trivial Tik Tok videos of him and his circle lip-syncing to popular film dialogues, music videos, and famous songs. His videos are characterized by comedic and frenzied undertones that give them a messy feel but, more often than not, are wildly entertaining.

His girlfriend, Cailey, also frequently appears in his Tik Tok videos. She acts as an accomplice in his wild escapades in which they look like they are having the best time of their lives.

On one of his Instagram posts in July 2020, Baker stated that he had been with Cailey since "a year and a half." 


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Baker's girlfriend Cailey is also a TikToker with more than 713k followers on her account.

Maverick Bio And Family

Maverick is not the only famous Baker in his family. His sister, Lani Lynn, and his younger brother, Cash, are star influencers in their own right. Lani Lynn has more than 5 million followers in her Tik Tok handle and above 430k on her Instagram. She is a model and also a tv model who has appeared in the hit CNBC showDeal or No-Deal.


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His younger brother Cash is also a Tik Tok star. Cash's content is similar to that of his brother's, in that he uses haphazard slapstick comedy to entertain his audience. Despite being separate stars in their own right, the brothers often choose to prominently feature in each other's videos. The brothers' Youtube channel, Cash and Maverick, have over 1 million subscribers and it features their music video along with their usual comedy routine. 

Maverick Surprises Girlfriend With Prom

Baker's girlfriend Cailey's prom night was canceled this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, she still got to enjoy a memorable prom night, thanks to her prankish boyfriend. He planned a surprise for Cailey with his brother Cash.

Fans got to see what unfolded at the surprise event via Baker's Cash and Maverick youtube channel

In the video, the Tik Tok star announced about his girlfriend, Cailey's prom cancellation, and then went on to plan a surprise prom for her. Maverick, his brother cash, and his friend Michael then managed to set his yard up in a matter of few hours, making the place fit for a 5-star prom event. 

After the initial set-up and Cailey's arrival, the video then cut to a quick montage of the couple dancing to a romantic song, albeit with a clumsiness that is typical of Maverick.

The romantic atmosphere is shown briefly in the video; the subsequent clips then went on to show clips that showed Maverick's trademark old goofy tone. The video ended with messy shots of Maverick's brother, Cash, and Cailey attempting to cut his hair.

Maverick Baker and Girlfriend Cailey Kennedy Compatibility As Per Their Zodiac Signs 

Theoretically, Maverick and Cailey aren't meant to get along based on their respective Zodiac signs. Since Maverick is a Sagittarius, he is more compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Cailey, on the other hand, is a Virgo. 

But their sun-sign incompatibility hasn't stopped the couple from having a sound relationship.