Veteran journalist Maureen Maher is known to have led several investigations into national and international adoptions, and the reason for it is quite personal. Did you know that Maureen herself is an adopted child?

In this article, we will talk more about Maureen Maher’s adoption story, and also attempt to figure out the journalist’s birthdate and age.

Who Is Maureen Maher?

CBS correspondent Maureen Maher is a potent journalist who is known for presenting CBS's American documentary show 48 Hours. In the show, she covers everything from war, bombings, to crime spikes, but one particular area stands out i.e. adoption.

What is '48 Hours' About?

Maureen Maher's show 48 hours is among the most successful shows run by CBS. In the show, Maher talks about social justice and covers areas related to social issues, crimes, and their causes. Some examples of the show’s coverage are war, terrorism, shootings, adaptations, and so on.

In addition to her, the show is presented by journalists such as Erin Moriarty, Peter Van Sant, Richard Schlesinger, Tracy Smith, Jim Axelrod, Anne-Marie Green, and Michelle Miller.

So far, the show has premiered for 33 seasons—the latest season premiered on September 12, 2020.

Maureen Maher’s work on Adoption has Earned Awards

Maher’s work on adoption coverage, in the 48 Hours special episode The Lost Children was the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award in 2010.  The episode aired in 2009 and uncovered an adoption scam scheme that affected Samoan parents around America.

Talking to Daily News, Maher told that the episode was very close to her heart because of her own adoption story. She said that her adoption easily helped her to relate easily to adoptive parents.

Maureen Maher was Adopted as a Child

Maureen Maher herself was given up for adoption at a young age by her birth parents. When she was born, her parents were high school seniors, and her mother decided that she couldn’t properly raise the child.

She is in Peace with Her Adoption

Maureen Maher seems to have no hard feelings towards her biological parents.

Speaking to Daily News in December 2009, she expressed that she understood her parent’s position while they set her up for adoption:

It would have been really hard for her to keep me. She loved me enough to give me up.

She also added that her biological mother was still hesitant to bring Maher back to her life. 

Every time she sees me, it's a reminder of that pain, I understand that…… It doesn't mean I don't get kicked in the stomach every time she pushes me away, though.

How Old is Maureen Maher?

Although Maureen Maher’s exact birth date remains unknown, she has mentioned/hinted about her age in a couple of her tweets.

In a 2014 tweet reply, she said that “at this age, it’s a team effort to look good,” implying that she was on the older side.

A piece of more concrete evidence came a year later in 2015 when in another tweet reply, she claimed that she was a “47-year-old working mother of 2”. If she were 47 in May 2015, her current age would be 52 years old.