Before Martyn Ford was a beefed-up bodybuilder, he was a skinny kid looking to gain the weight he lost because of an injury. His story, from being a skinny guy to being called ‘The Nightmare,’ is a motivating one.  

Everything was going well for Ford, who used to be a dedicated cricket player until he got severely injured and could not continue with the sport at the age of nineteen.

Martyn Ford Lost Weight Because of an Injury

Having to take a halt from the sport left him with frustration, the distress took a toll on him, resulting in massive weight loss. At his lowest, Ford, who stood at the height of six-foot-eight, weighed just a pound shy of a hundred and sixty. He told Dailymail:

I suppose a combination of not training and depression took me right down to that sort of weight.

The then 20-year-old Ford eventually gathered the motivation to do something about his skinny physique and joined the gym. With sheer determination, he began weight training with the initial goal of achieving his lost weight back. 

When he reached his target weight, he was hungry for more. He went on to add almost 170 lbs to his already massive height and bulked up to a whopping three hundred and twenty-six pounds, as mentioned in the report from Dailymail in 2015. With an increased interest in fitness, he joined a university to study sports science and nutrition. 

From Martyn Ford to The Nightmare: Transformation

After his transformation, the unstoppable giant is now a bodybuilder, fitness model, actor, influencer, MMA fighter, and entrepreneur.

As sports always held a strong ground in his life, he took the opportunity to enter the octagon when he was listed for the line-up in a Polish MMA organization in 2019.

The owner of the gym Beta Bodz in Minworth, England, made his acting debut in the film Undisputed 4 and is to be seen in some major projects such as Fast & Furious 9 and the sci-fi series The Nevers. 

Ford made an Instagram post on Feb 5, 2021, giving his fans a glimpse of his upcoming series, The Nevers. 

The influencer has amassed 3.1 million followers on Instagram with over five thousand posts as of this date. He also has his online platform where he offers personally tailored fitness courses. The obviously dedicated giant also uses his social media influence to induce the same dedication in his followers.

He captioned one of his posts with an inspiring message as such:

Still learning, still having fun and still stupidly ambitious and refuse to give up........ focus on YOU, enjoy the journey.