American singer Mark Lowry has always lived a low-key life regarding relationships. Still, it cannot be hidden that he once went on a date with fellow Christian comedian Chonda Pierce.

Yes, the humorist had quite a fun time with the lady and even took pictures of the moment. However, their union later seemed to be just a goofy date as their relationship progressed to nowhere.

Mark Lowry's Date Chonda Pierce Shared Goofy Dating Moments

When he was at the age of 56, Lowry went on a date with fellow Christian Chonda Pierce, in March of 2015.

The two longtime friends and comedians ended the date by staying true to their profession and capturing goofy pictures together. Pierce uploaded the images on her Twitter and Facebook. She wrote in the caption,

First date in 35 years!!! My best friend helped me break the ice!! Guess who this handsome man is !??!!?? MARK LOWRY!!!

Nine months before the date, Pierce had lost her husband, David Pierce, to a major stroke and heart attack.

Mark Lowry with Chonda Pierce

Mark Lowry with Chonda Pierce in March 2020 (Photo: Chonda Pierce's Facebook)

The date, however, didn’t lead to anything serious.

Instead, it just seemed like Lowry and Pierce were having some fun; Just after the news of their dating surfaced, she talked with The Quad-City Times in April 2015 and said that dating a comic would be a bad idea.

“I don’t think a comic dating a comic would be a good idea. It would be spontaneous combustion.”

Mark Lowry is Gay? Said Staying Single Had Positivity

Constant speculation of Lowry being gay has constantly been rising in the search bars. However, the speculation seems to be the outcome of the comedian's choice to be discreet about his relationship and his public statement of remaining unmarried.

Yes, Lowry has been vocal about his choice to never get married and have kids. In 2009, during an interview with modbee.comwhen asked about whether he had a wife or kids, the Christian comic said that there were upsides to staying single.

“No, I never did get married. You’ve got to learn to live with the cards you’re dealt. (The apostle) Paul was right; there’s something positive about staying single.”

It seems like Lowry is going strong on his choice because even at the age of 62, the entertainer is without a wife and kids, or so it appears.

Mark Lowry Wrote the Christmas Classic Mary Did You Know

Lowry is a singer, songwriter, author, and humorist. He is responsible for writing the Christmas classic “Mary Did You Know?”. It is one of the most well known and most loved Christmas songs that has been recorded by more than 400 artists.

Besides the Biblical music, Lowry is most known for singing baritone for the GRAMMY and being a part of the award-winning Gaither Vocal Band.

He frequently goes live with his check-ins, gospel singing, and reading sessions. He even did a let’s read playlist for his book “Live Long Die Laughing” in October of 2020. It is one of the five books he has published so far.

Now, besides singing, he focuses his energy on creating content for his self-titled YouTube channel.