The frontwoman of In This Moment, a heavy metal band, Maria Brink, overcame the hardships of being sexually abused by her father and having to deal with a drug addict mom to carve out a better life for herself and her son.

A single mom of one, Brink described her son's birth as a turning point in her life that helped her get out of the dark path she was on.

Brink Became a Single Mother At the Age of 15

The 'In This Moment' singer didn’t finish her high school as she got pregnant when she was in ninth grade at the age of 15. She moved out on her own and worked at a local laundromat to pay for living expenses while raising her son.

Even though life was difficult as a single mother, Brink never regretted becoming one at such a young age because her son became the strength she needed at that time.

In an interview with Times Union, she talked about how her son saved her.

It was the most beautiful thing that could’ve happened to me because I think I was on a dark road, and my son gave me the strength and the inspiration.

The 43-year-old metal singer isn’t married, nor did she ever have a husband. She has been a single mother to Davion for the past 28 years and hasn’t revealed his father's identity.

She Recounts Her Story of Sexual Abuse in Her Song

For her band’s first album, Beautiful Tragedy, which was released in 2007, Brink wrote 'Daddy’s Falling Angel,' where she talked about her sad past of her father’s abuse when she was just a child. It also tells of how she and her mother were abandoned by him later.

The metal singer’s mother was always there for her, but she was addicted to drugs at one point. Her grandparents encouraged and supported her during those difficult times, so she was able to help her mother overcome her drug habits.

The Singer’s Son Is a Fashion Artist

Besides having encouraging grandparents who come to her show and a supportive free-spirited mother who has been by her side through thick and thin, she also has an artist son she connects with through expression and performing arts.

Davion, Brink's son, may not be a singer, but he is a fashion artist who has his clothing line, Etrice. According to his bio on Instagram, he presents himself as a fashion artist, creative director, entrepreneur, and brujo.

His first artistic event, titled ‘SYNTHESIS,’ took place at Electric City Couture in October 2020, with his mother being a co-producer of the event. The visual artist of the event was Alyssa Objio, who also happens to be Davion’s girlfriend. 

The fashion artist has identified himself as a mixed black man. Although his father's identity is unknown to the public, he may be aware of it.