KTLA news reporter, Lynette Romero, has never shied away from sharing her weight loss journey with her fans. In fact, she has been so keen on her objective that she began her weight loss journey in fourth grade! 

Romero’s Remarkable Weight Loss Journey

The KTLA 5 Morning News anchor has been trying her best to attain good shape ever since she was in the 4th grade. But there were always some ups and downs that stopped her from accomplishing her goals. Later, when she grew up and had more responsibilities, it was almost impossible for her to focus on her fitness.

She was so engrossed in her professional and household work that she did not even pay a visit to her primary doctor for three years — a doctor she had been visiting for 20 years. When she did see him in mid-2019, he told her that she looked stressed, lacked good sleep, and didn't look fit.

After such a response from her trusted doctor, she strictly followed the fitness plans laid out. Following her doctor's advice, from June 2019 onwards, she began intermittent fasting and also followed reliable diet plans.

Her perseverance paid off, and in late-2019, she managed to lose more than 50 pounds of her weight. Even though she lost a remarkable amount of weight, she continues to follow the weight loss plans with an aim to remain as fit as possible.

She Often Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

The Los Angeles resident loves sharing her incredible weight loss journey on her social media handles. In addition to showing off her results, Romero also shares with her fans the problems she faced in her weight loss journey and the effort she had to put in to overcome the hurdles. 

For instance, on December 13, 2019, the news reporter shared a lovely picture of herself donning an amazing dress after achieving her target weight.

Likewise, on October 23, 2020, she shared a video in which she revealed that she lost almost 2 inches in her neck thanks to her diet plans. She added that the intermittent fasting she was undertaking changed her life for the better.

Besides sharing her journey, the University of Colorado graduate also encourages people to follow good weight loss plans to remain fit and healthy. On her Instagram handle, she is often seen advising her colleagues and close friends to be healthy.