In November 2019, the NCIS: New Orleans actor Lucas Black made news with his decision to quit the show. Following his departure from the show, the actor has been posting videos on his official YouTube account named Real Life Lucas Black, where he has earned 11.6 k subscribers.

The Final Goodbyes

After being aired on six seasons of NCIS as agent Laselle, the actor finally said goodbye to the show, leaving the fans devastated. 

Black tweeted a video on November 6, 2019, where he thanked his fans for their constant support and expressed what an honor it had been to play a special agent’s role.

In the video, the actor said;

“I wanted to take this time personally to thank all you fans out there for your love and support... You were there to celebrate the victories and to pick me up when I needed it, and I appreciate that.”

Black Chose His Family Over His Career

His character, special agent Lasalle, was loved, and the show’s fans were very curious about what intrigued the actor to exit.

As speculations rose, the F9 actor explained in a video uploaded to the NCIS: New Orleans YouTube channel that the primary motive for his departure from the show was based on his desire to prioritize his family and spend time with his wife Maggie O’Brien and their kids.

One of his co-star, CCH Pounder, also came forward and confirmed the news while showing her support. Pounder said;

“The growing of becoming a movie star, and becoming a this, and becoming a that… ‘That’ most important thing is to be a family man, and I think he’s chosen that over all the other choices.”

Real Life Lucas Black

Recently the actor has been enjoying family time with his wife and kids, which is apparent in the videos he posts on his YouTube channel. 

In one of his videos from July 10, 2020, the actor is enjoying the July 4th weekend with his family by a lake-side cabin. The actor is seen fishing with his sons while his wife and daughter are out swimming in the lake. 

The Black family finally has time for leisure, and they are loving every bit.