With the new trailer for Marvel’s Loki taking every social media platform by storm again, fans finally have a date to mark their calendars.

Not every fan has the patience to wait for months to watch the series, so they pay enormous attention to every detail in trailers and previews.

Keeping the trend alive, fans were curious to know who Loki was sitting down with in the latest trailer


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Exactly two minutes and six seconds into the new Loki trailer, the God of Mischief sits down with an undisclosed female character for a split second. At first glance, she looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow sitting down somewhere in Vormir. 

Upon closer inspection, it is more likely that Marvel has finally decided to introduce the Enchantress into the mix. It is all speculation at this point. However, the studio has announced that Cailey Fleming will play young Sylvie in the Marvel spinoff. 

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton turned into Enchantress when Loki imbued her with mystical powers, which falls in line with the series trying to flesh out the MCU’s mercurial villain even further. 

Sophia Di Martino As The Enchantress

Now that the studio has announced a young Sylvie and the plot deals with time travel and time manipulation, it is likely that we get to see her grow into the prospect Young Avenger too.

Add to that the leaked on-set photos of actress Sophia Di Martino dressed in a green costume, Enchantress’ signature color, and the hypothesis starts to take shape. 

It would still be unwise to expect the on-screen adaptation of the comic character to make the jump as is.

Our best guess: the on-screen Enchantress will share a lot of the same backstory as her comic counterpart. However, her persona will be adapted to something more palatable for today’s world.

The Lady Loki Rumors

All that being said, many still think that the character depicted here is Lady Loki or a female version of the God of Mischief. This speculation also stems from the same leaked on-set photograph. 

Many fans and outlets speculate that the green costume Di Martino donned is that of Lady Loki. However, there is one flaw to that argument: her hair.

Lady Loki has long been portrayed as the female duplicate of Loki. Hence they share a lot of traits like their love for mischief, choice of costume, and hair color. As evident from the leaked photograph and the frozen frame from the trailer, the mystery woman’s hair is definitely not jet black.

All in all, no matter who Di Martino plays in the much anticipated series, she definitely has a major role as she is listed right below Loki himself in the cast-list.