Being a famous actress brought a lot of fame and easiness in the life of Lindy Booth, but her relationship status got tangled with her professional life, so she had to back out from wanting a relationship. However, revelations of a secret marriage regarding Lindy intensified fans’ interest in who her spouse is and how they came to be.  

Canadian actress Lindy Booth is famous for her portrayal of character Riley Grant on the Disney Channel Series The Famous Jett Jackson. She also rose in fame when she appeared as Night Bitch on Kick-Ass 2 and was cast in a starring role in the American fantasy-adventure series The Librarians.

Twitter Talk: Lindy Booth reading and answering tweets at Geek Nation's sets for an online session. The show was first presented on Geek Nation's own website but the website stopped, so it was uploaded years later on the channel The Lindy Booth Club (Published on Feb 11, 2018)

As her latest project, she is to star in the movie Under the Autumn Moon alongside Wes Brown which is to be premiered on 13 October 2018.

Lindy Booth's Bio: Age, Height, Education

Lindy Booth was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada on 2 April 1979. 

Lindy, 5 feet 7 inches (1.74 m) in height, is white by ethnicity and is of Canadian nationality. And it is known that she was interested in drama since a very young age.

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Her high school teacher even bothered to find an agent for her after she graduated from high school.

She attended the T.A. Blakelock High School in Canada before graduating in 1998.

Lindy Booth Career Rocketed After The Famous Jett Jackson

The Canadian actress, age 39, rose to fame with the Disney Channel Series The Famous Jett Jackson aired from 1998 through 2001.

After that, her fame has only rocketed up. In 2001, she portrayed Lana Turner in the television film Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows.

In 2004, she acted as Nicole in the remake of Dawn of the Dead. After a few years in 2008, Lindy starred in the thriller Behind the Wall.

She was back again on the sets of the television series The Librarians in 2014. The show gathered interests from viewers and boosted Lindy's popularity. 

Lindy Booth Smiles 'Under The Autumn Moon'

Inside the love story formed on a rural horse ranch, Lindy Booth portrays Alex McKenna Hallmark Channel's Under The Autumn Moon. Working with the Hallmark Channel really brought a delightful experience to Lindy and she was more than happy to share the happenings during the filming of the movie. 

For a director who loves to work in stories that embrace happy endings, Lindy is absolutely enthralled to be a part of the heartwarming plots; she didn't feel like she was working at all.

Under the Autumn Moon was shot outside of Winnipeg in Canada at the accurate start of fall that made the visuals prettier. Lindy expressed her love for her character, Alex and admitted that she could relate to her in many ways as a strong and career-led woman who loves her family just as much.

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Following the statement, Lindy also confessed on how thankful she was to have her parents as the supportive pillars in her life. Jumping into the concept of romance in the movie, Lindy mentioned the twist on the Hallmark movies because people often move to the concept of giving up one world to have another.

But the movie balanced the reality and made both things work that Lindy thought was insightful and added that people didn't have to deny the person they were to be good at their work. 

The fact that her boss in the movie was supportive of her to become the best person showed how powerful and strong the relationship was and that was a major thing that pulled Lindy to the story. 

Is Lindy Booth Married? Who is Her Spouse?

The versatile actress Lindy Booth could be anyone’s dream of a marriage material with her beautiful blue eyes and curvy persona. However, the Canadian actress has never revealed anything about having a husband and being married.

All this silence has led to fans’ curiosity to know if she is secretly married in the dark.

All of this curiosity only heightened when it was posted on a marriage registration website that she is married to American film director Jeff Wadlow.

The website shows that the online marriage registration was made on 4 October 2014.

Shh, we're married: Marriage registry site says Lindy Booth is married to Jeff Wadlow (Photo: 

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Both Jeff and Lindy have worked on sets of two movies: Cry Wolf and Kick-Ass 2 which further intensifies the curiosity about the secret marriage.

It has, however, never been confirmed by Lindy that she is married and Jeff is her spouse. With no revelations about her husband and married life, her relationship status is as cloudy as ever.

Lindy Cannot Date Because She Is Too Busy

Reports have said that the actress is attracted to family life, but her professional life is just too busy to be dating with a boyfriend.

Via Twitter, she wished that Troy Dyer (a fictional character played in the movie Reality Bites by Ethan Hawke) was her boyfriend after she watched the movie Boyhood.

Boyfriend Mania: Lindy Booth tweets about her fantasy boyfriend, Troy Dyer (Photo:

However, she has never revealed that she has a boyfriend and is dating someone, which is quite hard for anyone to believe, for the beautiful person she is.