Widely distinguished as the first Black person to anchor a weekday network nightly newscast, Lester Holt has been a powerful name in the media industry.

From moderating presidential debates to raising race and criminal justice issues, the NBC Nightly News anchor has had a firm footing in broadcast news.

But apart from his exploits as a journalist, the 61-year-old is also a subject of interest for his multiracial ethnic background and his impeccable taste in fashionable eyewear among many of his viewers.

Lester Holt Family Heritage Traces Back to Jamaica

Lester Holt was born as an American in the state of California in the Marin County of San Francisco on March 8, 1959. Born to his parents, Lester Don Holt Sr. and June DeRozario, he was the youngest of the bunch. His father, Lester Don Holt Sr., was of African American descent, while his mother, June DeRozario, was of Jamaican descent.

To reconnect with his roots, Lester traveled to Jamaica with his mother, June Ho, in a 2007 segment of the NBC News "Today." Together with his mother, Lester visited the house where his maternal grandmother was born and raised. This journey had a significant emotional impact on both Lester and his mother.

In the video, Lester defines his experience as an emotional discovery. Viewers can see him and his mother shed tears of joy and longing as they reflect upon their family background. 


Lester Holt Still Killing it at 61

Aging like a fine wine, Lester Holt is still in his top shape even at the age of 61. With his occupation's demanding lifestyle, Lester has opted for a healthier lifestyle to keep himself fit for his job. Currently standing tall at the height of 188 cm or 6'2" feet, as per Healthy Celeb, he has maintained a healthy body weight of 71 kg or 156 pounds. A healthy routine has helped Holt maintain a proper physique, as he occasionally provides glimpses of his regular Friday workout sessions to his followers. 

Lester Holt Setting The Trend For Fashionable Eyewear

Lester Holt also shares a keen sense of fashion when it comes to his eyewear. As per The Eye Bar, Holt was reportedly seen wearing both Lunor and Robert Marck. Holt's choice of brands for his preferred eyewear has also been a trending question in the Twitterverse.

As per Today, a popular Morning Show, he sports French handmade glasses from the popular Optical brand, Robert Marc. The brand is famous for producing glasses made only from the top quality materials. The Robert Marc brand is also popular for its complementary patterns and colors. 

Even his colleagues can't help but wear Lester's glasses to post a picture or two on social media. A fellow NBC correspondent, Jenna Wolfe, had also once donned his dark-rimmed glasses and flaunted it on Twitter. 

Similarly, his fans, too, have, on occasions, showered their love towards Holt's eyewear. One of his followers wrote that she wanted one of Holt's pair of glasses for Christmas.